Most Important Mathematics Formula Basic: A Student Should Know

Most Important Mathematics Formula Basic: A Student Should Know

Adding, Substrating, Multiplying and Division are the basic mathematics formulas. Is that right? Yes, Of Course. But there is also another mathematics formula basic that helps in solving intermediate and advanced maths and can get calculus assignment help problems. These basic maths formulas are important for an individual to know. There are various applications of basic mathematics in daily life. For example, calculating the time, saving money, budgeting, etc.

So, if you want to know about mathematical formula basics. Then, scroll down. This blog will give you an in-depth description of basic mathematics formulas. Let’s Start!

Benefits Of Studying Mathematics Formula Basic

Studying the formulas can help you in a variety of ways, such as:

  • It assists you in improving your marks in both Board and admission tests.
  • In a short period of time, you can revise the formulas.
  • Learning tables can assist in the faster solution of difficulties.
  • For students preparing for higher competitions, maths formulas are necessary.
  • You may save time and use it to practice problems by studying advanced mathematics formulas.
  • You can improve your mathematical conceptual skills by mastering basic maths formulas.
  • You can solve not just mathematical expression problems but also real-life problems by using maths formulae.

Let’s learn some important mathematical formula basics.

Mathematics Formula Basic: You Should Know


The term fraction refers to the division of something into equal and unequal pieces. For example, when you went out to eat with your friends, you divide the total bill equally between all friends.

Let’s take a look at the mathematics formula basic of the fraction. Following are useful fraction formulas;

Formulas of Fraction

Adding Formula: a/b + c/d = ad+bc/bd

Subtracting Formula: a/b – c/d = ad-bc/bd

Multiplying Formula: a/b X c/d = ac/bd

Dividing Formula: a/b / c/d = a/b divide by c/d = a/b X c/d = ad/bc

Consumer-Based Formula

Consumer-based formulas are business-related formulas. Like; profit, loss, iterate rate, etc. Government and corporate tycoons use these formulas to make financial decisions.

Let’s discuss some basic formulas related to consumer-based.

  • Discount = List Price X Discount Rate
  • Sale Price = List Price – Discount
  • Discount Rate = Discount divided by list price
  • Sales Tax = Price of item X Tax Rate
  • Interest = Principal X Interest Rate X Time
  • Tips =  Meals cost X Rate Of Tip
  • Commision = Cost of service X Commission rate


Your calculations will be much easier if you use the percentage. Working with the 100th portion of a thing is generally simple. For example, if you go shopping and observe a discount or sale, you must use the percentage idea.

Percentage Formula

Percentage to Fraction: x% = x/100

Percentage: Rate/100 = Percentage/base


With the understanding of statistics, you can collect, analyze and represent data easily. For instance, statistics are widely used in scientific discoveries and other areas.

Formulas of Statistics

Mean: mean = sum of the terms divided by number of terms

Median: When n is even;

Med(x) = x (n/2)

When n is odd;

Med(x) = (X [n-1 / 2] + X [n-1 / 2]) / 2

Mode: The value that appears most of the time.


It is the study of things’ sizes, positions, dimensions, forms, and angles of position.

The basic formulas of geometry are as follows;


  • Square: P = 4s
  • Rectangle: P = 2(l+b)

Surface Area

  • Cube: SA = 6s^2
  • Cylinder = SA = 2πrh + 2πr^2
  • Cone: SA = πrl
  • Sphere = SA = 4πr^2


  • Circle = C = 2πr


  • Square: A = S^2
  • Rectangle: A = l/w
  • Triangle: A = ½ bh
  • Trapezoid: ½ (b1 + b2)h
  • Circle: A = πr^2


  • Cube: V = S^3
  • Cylinder = V = πr^2h
  • Cone: V = ⅓ πr^2h
  • Sphere: V = 4/3 πr^3


Tips To Learn Mathematics Formula Basic

  • To improve your knowledge, you need to practice more.
  • Short breaks will help your brain relax.
  • Memorize formulas by practicing them.
  • Use a specific formula to solve the problem values.
  • Each formula’s concept should be understood.
  • While studying the formulas, remove all types of distractions.
  • To understand the formulas, create your own shortcut tricks.


To sum up, we have discussed the most important mathematics formula basic. Here in the above blog, we have learned a few formulas. But there are more formulas other than the above. In this blog, we have discussed the important and simple formulas. We have also discussed some tips to learn mathematics formula basic. Follow these tips to master the mathematics formulas. It is beneficial for you. I hope this blog helps you in learning different mathematics formula basic.


1. Who is the father of mathematics?

Answer: Archimedes is considered as the father of maths.

2. Who found zero?

Answer: Zero is first defined by Brahmagupta in 628. He is a Hindu astronomer and mathematician. He invented a symbol for zero: a dot beneath the numbers.


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