Parental Controls- How To Lock Down Your Kids’ iOS Devices

Parental Controls- How To Lock Down Your Kids’ iOS Devices


Iphones and ipads have become so common nowadays that they are in a kid’s hand. When a tech piece as strong as an iOS device wound up in a kid’s hand, who is so curious at their age, you cannot imagine the tension it brings. They constantly keep searching for new things on the Internet.



It’s natural for parents to be concerned about these things. If nothing is done in the time, they can become screen addicts and develop antisocial behavior. Parental control is always needed to stop kids from doing whatever they want.


The Internet is a large repository of data, and Internet surfing is so easy even a kid can do it. Even though the search queries are relevant to the kids’ age, sometimes some irrelevant explicit content and links slip through. So, if you seek to know as a parent if you can lockdown your kids’ iOS devices, you are in the right place.


Let’s look at how you can lockdown your kids’ iOS devices.


How to lockdown your kids’ iOS devices?

Kids are vulnerable on the Internet. Kids need iPhones or iPads to connect with their friends and teachers, search for the information they require for homework and take classes. However, parents want to cut some time off from their kids’ online life. The Internet world is unknown and dangerous when you are a kid.


There are so many ways you can lock down your kids’ iPhones. Here are some of the tips you need to know.


Create a secure Apple ID for your kid

If it is your kid’s iPhone, create a secure Apple ID. You can make a secure ID by using a secure passcode and use passcodes as hard as possible. Combine uppercase, lowercase, and special characters, so it is a hard time for your kids to remember as well as the hackers to crack.


Your kids must come to you to install anything from the app store. You can also use two-factor authentication (2FA). This makes the account a bit more secure by requiring additional credentials before accessing the account. Even if someone knows the password, they could never log in without the additional information.

You can turn on two-factor authentication by going to Settings > [tap account at top] > Password & Security > Two-Factor Authentication.


Then, the first time your child signs into their account on a new device, they’ll enter the password, and a six-digit code is displayed on a trusted device or delivered to a phone number.


Restrictions using Screen Time

Screen time was introduced in iOS 13. It helps you track the time spent on your phone, and it also provides setting time limits on app categories like 2 hours per day on gaming apps. Time-up alerts were easy to swipe and ignore, but now Apple has stepped up some screen time security measures.


Parents have control over their children’s content on their phones, who they communicate with, and what apps kids access. You also need to learn tips and tricks to hack screen time on the iPhone.


Navigate to Settings > Screen time; from here, you can set up Downtime, Apps limits, Communication limits, and Content and Privacy Restrictions. Now, tap Use Screen Time Passcode to require a passcode to swipe the time up alert.


You can also enable Family Sharing and set up Screen Time for your kid from your device. It also allows parents to share the app and in-app purchases with family members. It requires permission for certain family members before downloading apps or making in-app purchases.


Now you can use some other restrictions like


Prevent in-app purchase

You can also stop your kids from making in-app purchases, installing or deleting apps, and many more. You can do so by

Go to Settings and tap Screen Time

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your passcode.

Select iTunes and App Store Purchases.

Choose a setting, then set it to Don’t Allow.

You can change your password settings for additional purchases from the iTunes & App Store. Follow steps 1–3, then choose Always Require or Don’t Require.



Prevent web content

You can add specific websites to approved or blocked lists. For this

Go to Settings and tap Screen Time

Tap Content and Restrictions and enter your Screen Time Passcode

Tap Content Restrictions

Choose Limit Adult Websites, Unrestricted Access, or Allowed Websites


Prevent explicit contents

You can prevent your kids from explicit content available in built-in apps like Music, Podcasts, News & Workouts, Books, etc.

To restrict explicit content and content ratings

Go to Settings and tap Screen Time

Tap Content and Restrictions

Choose the settings you want for each feature or setting under Allowed Store Content.


Limit Browser

Kids also spend time using browsers. It is the main gateway to the Internet. Various contents are found through the browser; it depends on how kids use it. You can limit your kids’ browsers like Safari by following the directions below.

Go to Settings and tap General

Go to Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions

Now create a PIN so you will need it whenever you change the Restrictions settings

Now you can scroll down the list and customize the type of app, setting, and content you want your kids to access.


Also, tap the Websites option, and you’ll be able to block the Safari browser from loading certain types of websites. You can limit access to certain kinds of adult content or choose only to allow access to specific websites. You can also customize which exact websites are and are not allowed, too.


Suppose you wanted to block access to the web entirely. In that case, you could also disable the Safari browser and the Installing Apps feature, and it would prevent your kids from using the installed Safari browser or installing other browsers.

Limit with guided access

Guided access allows you to limit the usage of the device. You can make your device run a specific app or game and then give it to your kid. Your kid would not be able to use anything other than that particular app. You can use the PIN and use it normally when you are done.


You can set up Guided Access by navigating to

  • Settings and tap on General
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Tap on Guided Access

Now launch the app you would like to lock the device to. Then, the Home button three times, and the Guided Access screen will appear. Tap the Start option at the top-right corner of the screen to start the Guided Access session.


To exit the session, press the Home button, and you will see a “Guided Access is enabled” message. Again, press the Home button three times and enter your PIN in the prompt, and you will exit the Guided Access Session.


I hope parents find this article helpful who want to lock down their kids’ iPhones or iPads. The methods mentioned in this article are only built-in features that Apple allows, and you can also use some third-party parental control apps to make it more controllable.

If you want to know each step in detail, you can visit the official Apple support website and view the parental control methods.

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