Ladakh is always a castle in the air for wanderers. It is one of the most visited places in India. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir. It is best for the ones to enjoy their solitude and also to seek adventure.

Ladakh covers about 45,000 miles. It consists of high plains and deep valleys. It consists of rivers like the Indus river, Zanskar river, Shyok river etc.  Vegetation is highly sparse in Ladakh. Ladakh can be classified as a high altitude plateau or cold desert.

Tourism is the main source of income for the locals of Ladakh. This place is well known for its spirituality and its adventurous activities. You could find a number of temples and monasteries which makes Ladakh a religious place too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


1. LEH

Leh is where actually your trip to Ladakh begins. It is perfect for adventure seekers, monks, and even honeymooners. It has monasteries like Alchi Gompa, Matho monastery, Hemis Gompa, Spituk gompa etc.                                                                                                                                                      You could also visit places like the Indus and Zanskar rivers, magnetic hill and much more. You could go shopping at the market.

2. NUBRA VALLEY                                                                                                                                   

It is a tri-armed valley. Nubra valley is very popular for its cold desert. The disk it monastery is a must-visit place in Nubra valley. You could visit under village which will give you a chance to go on a ride on a Bactrian camel. It has got a lot of monasteries and villages too.

3. ZANSKAR                                                                                                                                               

It is located in Kargil District. It is widely known for its frozen lake. It covers around 5000sq km. There are a lot of trek options like Chadar trek, Lamayuru-padum trek, dacha trek. You could go for rifting in the Zanskar rivers. And also it has lots of monasteries and alpines too.


Drass is located in the Kargil district. This is called the gateway to Ladakh. Drass is the second coldest place in the world. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides and provides mesmerising views. You could visit many monasteries and religious places too.


This is one of the important attractions in Ladakh. It spreads about 4850 metres. The lake extends from India to Tibet. The most fascinating and beautiful factor about the lake is that it changes its colour from blue to green and grey too.


It is a high mountain pass. It is the highest motorable road in our country. It has an elevation of around 5602 meters. If you climb up to the top you could see the most beautiful view of the Karakoram range.            

7. Magnetic Hill

This magnetic hill is situated at a distance of almost 32 kilometres from Leh. It is also known as Magnetic Mountain, Magnetic Hill and Mystery Spot. This hill has a strange magnetic property that defies gravity by which a car pushed uphill will roll downhill, and vice versa. If you want to see it for yourself, go ahead and make your way there. You won’t regret spending time here.

8. Panchtarni Yatra

Trekking, in itself, is not just exercise; it’s an adventure. Most people associate trekking with jungles and mountain trails. But if you’re looking for some respite from your city life and want to rejuvenate yourself, then Panchtarni Yatra is one of those offbeat destinations where you can set out on a peaceful expedition with your family. This pilgrimage circuit of five sacred mountains within the Chamba district is an ideal tour package for a weekend trip. So if you are planning a weekend trip that will include both spiritual as well as a recreational activity, then Panchtarni Yatra is that holy grail of getaways!

9. Hemis Monastery

If you want to visit some of the local landmarks on your way, take a day trip to Hemis Gompa. It is the most famous monastery near Leh which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Most importantly, it is known for its masks and puppets which are made by Buddhist monks here. The Company or monastery of Hemis is located at a distance of around 37 kilometres from Leh and can be reached through small roads that pass through villages. The main attractions of Hemis monastery are three main temples dedicated to Mahakala, Guru Rinpoche and Je Tsongkhapa as well as numerous wall paintings depicting various scenes from Buddhist scriptures like Jataka tales and others related with traditional Tibetan life.


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