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Reader and supporter information is collected by The Local Digital Business for two main reasons:

1. Our services can be monitored and improved with your help.

2. Providing personalized services tailored to each customer’s needs.

Our principles.

Following are the steps we take to protect user data.

1. A high level of security technology will be purchased by Local Digital Business to protect reader privacy (based on funds available).

2. We respect the privacy of your email address. Unless we have verified that you are a subscriber, you will never receive unsolicited marketing emails from The Local Digital Business. We may send you news updates, registration information, subscription requests, and Irrawaddy marketing and media product updates from time to time as part of your Local Digital Business subscription.

3. Unless we have the reader’s consent, we will not share reader details (including email addresses) with third parties.

4. Our website and services are always run by contractors who are subject to strict contractual obligations (for example, hosting providers). In addition, they are not permitted to process data for any other purpose independent of us except for the purposes we have authorized them to do.

5. Advertisers won’t be able to see any personally identifiable information about our readers, sales, or traffic patterns.

We collect what type of information?

Cookies, registration and disclosures in postings and surveys are some of the ways in which we collect data on readers.

Those wishing to register must provide the following information: their name, their email address, their country, and their mailing address.

Additionally, we may ask our subscribers to provide additional information as subscribers or in occasional surveys to obtain demographic information about readers (age, occupation, education, etc.). The information collected will be used only to analyze reader trends and will never be used to identify readers personally. Readers are free to complete these surveys as they see fit.

To maintain the free nature of the site, we use the information to sell appropriate advertising space. Furthermore, it may allow us to tailor our services to the needs of our readers. Readers’ information is never shared with third parties without their specific consent.

Information about our customers is protected in what ways?

By investing in high-quality internet security, we keep readers’ information secure while storing and disclosing it.

Is information about you going to be disclosed to third parties?

We respect the privacy of our readers and will never provide their personal information to any third party without their permission.

Third-party vendors may request aggregate statistics about readers, sales, traffic patterns, and related site information, but personal information will not be included.

In accordance with applicable laws and lawful requests from the government, we reserve the right to access and disclose personally identifiable information. By doing this, we ensure that our systems work properly and that we and our users are protected.

We put contractual restrictions on all data processors accessing reader data in order to ensure that this information remains protected. The reason for this is that such third parties do not use reader data independently.

Advertisements from third parties & cookies

Ads are served on your site by Google as a third party vendor. Through the DART cookie, Google can serve advertisements based on the sites your users visit as well as other sites on the Internet. Google Ad and Content Network has a privacy policy that explains how users can opt out of the use of DART cookies.

You can view ads served by third-party companies on our site and/or obtain certain anonymous information about you. Non-personally identifiable information (such as click stream information, browser type, time and date, and the subject of advertisements that you click or scroll over) may be used by these companies to show you ads for goods and services that you are likely to be interested in.

Most of these companies collect this information by using cookies or web beacons from third parties. explains more about behavioral advertising practices and how to opt out.

The policy has been changed

Whenever there is a need to change our privacy policies, we will make them available here. Our subscribers may also receive an email with updated details if the changes are significant.

Thank you.

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