Pros and Cons of Personal Loan Cosigners: How to Get Approved with Bad Credit

Personal loans are offered by different lending institutions as collateral-free financing options. It means that their financing availability is not dependent on any asset security that the lender may require as collateral. As such, while an online loan option remains largely favourable, they subject the lender to a remarkable risk of financing. 

To hedge for such risks related to the borrower’s profile, a mandatory requirement for fulfilling a minimum credit score is placed. Borrowers that do not fulfil these requirements may look out for other ways to improve their eligibility for the advance.

For instance, one of the top ways to avail a personal loan if you hold low credit is to choose to apply for the advance with a co-signer. The availability of a co-signer can help ease the availability of a personal loan in various ways. Let’s check out how adding a co-signer to your personal loan application would impact the chances of your loan availability.

Personal Loan with a Co-signer – A Way to Get Approval with Bad Credit

As already mentioned, your credit score has a significant contribution in determining your personal loan eligibility. It also impacts how much financing would be available to you as an online loan and whether the terms of service that comes with the loan turn out favorable or not. As such, if you hold a lower credit score than the standard minimum requirement, you can choose to apply for the advance with a co-signer holding a high score.

Following are the things you must look for when choosing a co-signer to impact your personal loan availability positively.

  • The co-signer must be related to you as per the eligible relationships mentioned by the lending institutions.
  • He/she should hold a high credit score.
  • The co-signer must also have a stable income source with a reputed occupation bringing in such income.
  • They must not come with a fixed monthly liability exceeding 50% of their fixed monthly income.

Once you have found a suitable individual to add as a co-signer for your personal, you can safely add them to your application. You can choose to apply for the loan through a dedicated money loan app as it fastens the overall financing process and brings in loan approval quicker than any other platform. In some instances, these approvals are instant too and follow fast disbursement, which helps with any emergency financing needs.

Now, while adding a co-signer improves the chances of personal loan approval, it is not entirely bereft of any cons. As such, it is only useful to know both the pros and cons of applying for your online loan with a co-signer if holding a bad credit score.

The Pros and Cons of Applying for a Personal Loan with a Co-signer

Pros of personal loan co-signer

Following are the top benefits you can expect to gain from when applying for collateral-free online loans like a personal loan with a co-signer.

  • Better chances of loan approval

When you apply for a personal loan with a co-signer, your loan application reflects a combined creditworthiness to the lender, thus helping with easy loan approval based on a high score of the co-signer even if you hold a bad score. It thus leads to better chances of financing.

  • Increased repayment capacity

When applying for the advance with a co-signer, you can also benefit from an increased repayment capacity. It is because the total monthly income represented is a combination of your income along with that of your co-signer. A high repayment capacity simply means better terms on the loan.

  • High-value personal financing

Since the overall financing capacity of the borrowers increases with the presence of a Co-signer, one can easily seek to avail approval for high-value funding conveniently. When applying through the likes of money loan apps, the amount can easily go up to Rs.2 Lakh.

  • Greater leverage to negotiate for applicable interest rates and charges

Having a co-applicant increase your loan eligibility and lowers the lender’s risk associated with your loan application. Thus, the lender may offer you a loan with better loan terms and lower interest rates.

Cons of personal loan co-signer

You must also know the disadvantages of applying for a personal loan with a co-signer.

  1. Missing out on the EMIs will impact the co-signers credit score as well. 
  2. The co-signer should be an eligible and trustworthy person.
  3. Shared liability may result in disputes.


 Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of what applying for an online loan with a co-signer in case of a bad credit score brings to the table, you can easily go with a suitable borrowing decision. You can also consider applying for advances like personal loans through money loan apps if you hold a low credit score as this requirement is significantly eased when availing financing through this online platform.

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