Raghib Khan Shares His Insights On ‘The Role Of AR And VR In Revolutionizing The Gaming Experience

Raghib Khan Shares His Insights On ‘The Role Of AR And VR In Revolutionizing The Gaming Experience

Since the advent of technology that focuses on the user’s needs, every element of our lives has seemed to change quickly and constantly. Amazingly, AR and VR have sparked a revolution in gaming that was once considered unthinkable. In recent years, the gaming business has increased. Smartphone users, who play games for the most hours on their phones or other latest gaming devices, are the main drivers of the gaming industry’s growth. It is widely believed that smartphones and the most recent technology have completely changed the gaming experience.


Based on the constant shift towards the modern era, Raghib Khan, the Director and Co-founder of RNF Technologies, shared his valuable insights on teaching AR and VR in gaming dynamics and the revolution it brings into the gaming industry.


To help everyone understand better, Khan explained the difference between AR and VR with relevant instances of both concepts – A multi-sensory computer-generated experience that enables people to explore and engage with a virtual environment is called virtual reality. Video games and 3D movies are the main VR-based media products. But VR is employed in fields like training and education in addition to games and enjoyment.


With this technology, people are submerged in a virtual world created by a computer. The most cutting-edge virtual reality experiences offer freedom of mobility. Technical manual controls can be utilized to improve virtual reality’s sensory effects. To use it, you need specialized headphones.


In contrast, Augmented Reality (AR) is a subset of Virtual Reality (VR) that enhances the natural world through digitally generated perceptual overlays. In contrast to VR, augmented reality (AR) uses standard devices like smartphones and superimposes graphics, such as characters, on top of a camera viewer or a video.


One of the most well-known instances of augmented reality is Pokémon GO, which has millions of users racing with their smartphones around the globe in pursuit of little virtual animals.


The Role Of AR & VR in gaming:


According to several market projections, the worldwide gaming market is anticipated to reach USD 200 billion by 2022, with AR and VR technologies serving as one of the primary drivers of this rapid expansion of the gaming sector.


Even though there are uses for AR and VR in industries like healthcare, education, and manufacturing, the gaming business has seen the most growth in these technologies. There is little doubt that AR/VR is the future of gaming, given the popularity of AR and VR games and the accessibility of the cloud.



How do AR and VR bring in revolutionized experience in gaming:


Captive experience: As the times have changed, the gaming industry has become more popular, which has boosted consumer demand for it. This experience makes it impossible for users to distinguish between the actual world and the virtual world, which is essential for the success of any game in the modern era. To create a great gaming environment, developers must create a perfect environment where players may also take on the role of their avatar.


Real-time interaction: AR technology is most known for fusing the physical and digital worlds, giving users access to surreal environments. Combining real-time and digital information in one will be a game-changer for game developers. Real-time communication will help gamers’ perceptions throughout the globe and even encourage the development of more exciting levels.


Creative content: AR and VR not only stand out in the competition for their top-tier experiences but also for their adaptable and compelling game-developed content. Developers provide increased levels of personalized content to fit the target market better.




The world, and the gaming industry, in particular, has changed thanks to AR and VR. These technologies aid in the creation of a realistic image, sound, and other sensations to provide a virtual world that stimulates a player’s physical presence in the space. Users will find a fully functional virtual environment in place of the real one, which they may control with their body motion. As a result, it demonstrates what a great start AR and VR technology has had. With time, there is much more available to gamers.



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