Real desert man safari

Real desert man safari


Jaisalmer is situated in the northern region of India, in the “region of kings”, Rajasthan.And for a very special reason, it is referred to as "The Golden City of India.". During the construction of the Main fort of Jaisalmer, yellow coloured sand stones were used. Also, during the construction of the whole town. Yellow coloured sand stones were used. And, due to this reason, the city is called Golden City of India.

Desert camel safaris

Desert camel safaris are one of the best ways to explore sandy and desert regions. Especially, areas which are rich in historic values and cultural values like Rajasthan. You just have to sit on the camel back and admire the beautiful golden-coloured sand dunes around you which extend till miles and miles. And it is obvious, that a camel can take you places, that a jeep or a car safari couldn’t take. We all know that; camels are the only ones who can navigate through sand dunes perfectly. Camel is known as the “ship of the desert”, and it stands true till date. It is the only transportation, which will navigate through the tough sand dunes in an easy manner. There’s probably no exciting or better way to explore the desert, than on the back of the ship of the desert.

The eastern area of Rajasthan is covered in Golden Dunes, which provide you with a lot of fun activities to do. One of them being the most famous, Real Desert Man Safari. Rajasthan is the top location for camel rides and camel safaris all over India. Most of the Safaris take place either in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer or in Bikaner. In the vast stretches of the mighty Thar desert, the Sam dunes and the Khuri dunes in Jaisalmer are famous for desert real man safaris and jeep safaris.


What is Camel Safari in Jaisalmer?

So, Camel safari in Jaisalmer means, that you’ll be sitting on a camel’s back for about an hour or so and be taken to a camel point from Jaisalmer, explore the wilderness of the desert and the golden sand dunes. You will be taken to astonishing sunset views, where you will witness, once in a lifetime experience. Every particle of the sand will be glowing individually as sun sets upon them. Then you’ll be taken to your respective luxurious camps, on the camel backs itself where you’ll be seeing the traditional Rajasthani dance by the ladies of Rajasthan, you’ll be offered local drinks and local cuisines by the local people over there. And, then you’ll be sleeping under your luxurious tents or under the sky full of stars. You surely will love it there.

Best time for Camel Safari

You surely don’t want to pick bad season for your safari experience. As, Rajasthan comes under one of the states experiencing extreme climatic conditions, it faces a hell-a-hot summer season. The temperature rises up to 50 degrees in the day and then drops suddenly in the night time too. So, definitely, April to June is a complete no-no. You’ll be melting under the sun and will also get severe sun burns or get dehydrated easily. This all has to be considered. So, I recommend, that you all must dbest for any desert experience. These months have a very pleasant weather, pretty skies and fluffy clouds all over. The sunsets in these months are angelic and pretty. So, you should wait until winter season to come. And also, never book a Camel Safari in morning or in the noon time as the sun is set high up and that can cause you a lot of problems. Always book a camel safari in the evening time as you’ll not feel the warmth of the Sun that much, plus you’ll be able to witness the beauty of the sunsets in the evening.


What to do & what not to

Never provoke the camel you are sitting on, or other camels. Always wear comfortable clothes, in which you can move around easily. Always keep a filled water with you, as you might feel dehydrated and frequently feel thirsty. Always carry a medicine box with you, in which you have medicines for head ache, stomachache, allergies etc, as due to sun you can possibly get headaches.
Carry a sun tan lotion or sun screen with you as you don’t want to get sun burns from the direct heat of the Sun. Carry anti-malaria kits and first-aid kit with you all the time. There’s no pollution in the desert, hence you will be able to witness a thousand stars on top of you, so it’s a humble request, not to litter the beautiful place. Make sure, you enjoy to your fullest. The Real Desert Man safari has a lot to offer if you can grab it, therefore be energetic and enthusiastic and grab every moment, the desert throws at you.


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