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Earn High Revenue with Native Advertising for Real Estate Ads

Below is the table for you to compare both kinds of  real estate ads. 

  Native Ads Display Ads
High CTR (0.2%) Low CTR (0.05%)
Greatly effective on desktop Greatly effective on desktop
Soft sell Hard sell
Perfect for driving traffic to your website Perfect for retargeting campaigns
Matches to the form and design of the content of the page It looks like an advertisement

Why are native ads a perfect choice for the real estate ads sector?

I have already mentioned above  few of the reasons  Below are a few more. Please go through it!

  • Native Real Estate Ads are good at targeting the audience.
  • These circumvent banner blindness and reduce ad fatigue.
  • The reader may not recognize native ads as real estate advertisements, but it quickly happens with display ads.

Above are the main reasons your targeted audience would consume your message through the native ad. Real estate advertisement through native ads is more effective because your targeted audience can also find this ad on platforms where they have paid subscription fees. Neuroscientists have also presented their positive opinion about native ads.

Talking more precisely about real estate ads networks, the customer mostly has to deal with 6 figure values. So, you may understand that it is not just like selling low-priced products as fitness devices. Practically, Native Ads are of great importance when it comes to appealing to the mind of the targeted audience. 

Best 5 Native Ad platforms that you should start using from now onwards

So, now I am all set here to deal with the questions of how native ad platforms work and which are out there that you should start using from now onwards.

You may see these native ads on large publishing sites, blogs, and websites. The client who wants to run the ad online must have to pay the publisher a specific charge (normally pay-per-click).

However, not all publishers can run native real estate ads on their online platforms, as there is an unquestionable traffic requirement on their platforms. From my point of view, the top 5 largest native ad platforms that you may start using from now onwards are- 


On Taboola, anyone can run the traffic with $0.02 to $0.10. The price per click depends upon your click-through rate. It is straightforward to target the audience on Taboola. Multiple options are there. You are good at targeting the audience based on location, behavior, language, demographics, buying intent, business, and interest.


We did proper research for this platform, but unfortunately, no clear information about pricing was available on the particular platform. A third-party website mentions that its pricing depends upon your target location. The range of cost per view may reach up to $3 for 1000 impressions. You may also target the audience by device, language, and country. 

Content Ad

The particular platform is a bit shy for the pricing information, but thanks to our capacity to research, I found some pricing information from here as well. You may expect a charge of 3 to 6 cents per click. This online platform entertains only two targeting options. That is the country and the device.


The minimum threshold is $20 if you decide to pay through Paypal, but if you pay through wire transfer, you will have to pay $200.The exclusive minimum bid is $0.001. But if you want to entertain good traffic from tier 2 and tier 3 countries, you must pay $0.1.  



Outbrain is one of the most expensive native real estate ads platforms. The well-known publishing partners of Outbrain are CNN, Time, Bloomberg, and ESPN, the minimum budget you need for a campaign is $10 per day and $300 per month. The minimum CPC (Cost per click) is $0.03. 

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What amount do you have to pay on average per click for Real Estate Ads on Google Adwords and Facebook?

As per the information available, you have to pay $1.81 on average per click in the real estate advertisement industry in tier 1 countries. However, the pricing is lower for tier 2 countries. It is somewhere 5 cents per click on Facebook. The cost per click on the platform Outbrain is relatively higher. It is $1.50. 

If you have run a successful campaign through high CTR, you may get a comparatively lower cost per click.

Google Ads costs when it comes to the real estate ads industry

When your motive is to talk about the cost of search ads on Google, this is a whopping amount of $2.37 per click. But comparing its cost per click with other platforms would not be good. However, you may compare it with Google display ads which are 0.75 per click.

In the above case, the pricing structure of Google is lower than Outbrain. You should notice here that the click-through rate of native real estate ads is comparatively four times higher than display ads.

The big picture!     

Multiple advantages are there of native ads in the real estate industry. There is a constant increase in cost per click for the real estate advertisements industry. In this particular case, you must try Native Ads once. However, the success of the campaign Native Ad depends on multiple parameters.

Your skill in using a particular marketing channel should be well and good. Here, you can not achieve success by chance.   


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