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Reduce thefts with Field Force Management Software

The various kinds of theft that occur in the company by the employees can harm the business and the trust between managers and employees. These thefts might seem harmless, but the balance sheet might not match by a large margin when calculating. To prevent this from happening, invest in efficient field employee management software.

The software will help you keep track of all your employees, be it office or on the road. Managers gain visibility, and employees gain accountability with the help of the solutions provided by the field force management system.

What Are The Different Types of Thefts

Time theft is not the only kind of theft that your employees might commit. There are various kind of thefts:

  • Time Theft: the employees try to get paid even for hours they have not worked and were wasting time somewhere else. Time theft might occur in various forms like buddy punching, time clock theft, hiding from managers, etc.
  • Expense Theft: Field employees try to get reimbursed for fictitious expenses, which might cost company losses. This kind of theft may sometime be intentional and sometimes unintentional.
  • Document and Data Theft: Stealing important data and documents is a punishable offense, and the employees who do this must be caught. Due to this theft, customer details also get compromised.
  • Product Theft: This kind of theft is prevalent among retail store employees and field employees. They might sweetheart the products or under-ring them. This affects the inventory of the company.

What is Field Force Management Software?

As the name suggests, field force management software helps managers to track and manage their field employees efficiently. They can view all the activities of the field employees in real time. In addition, the software provides the managers with the history of every task allotted and the ease of working remotely as well.

Field monitoring software automates the time and effort consuming jobs of the managers allowing them to analyze the auto regenerated reports.

How can Field Monitoring Software Help Reduce Thefts

As said – prevention is better than cure. Similarly, the software helps managers identify operation anomalies through technically advanced and automated solutions.

  • Task Management: Managers, through this solution, allocate a month’s tasks in advance. Also, they can live check the progress and the status of the task checklist of each employee.
  • Live Location Tracking: Track your employees in real time with the help of field force management software. Also, the accuracy provided cannot be doubted. This prevents field force from lazing around instead of working.
  • Attendance Management: To prevent time theft, the software offers geocoded attendance. Through it, the attendance of the field employees gets marked only when they reach the first job location.
  • Digital Documentation: By digitalizing documents, managers can limit access to the documents. Additionally, password protection is provided for sensitive documents.
  • Order Management: Employees can book orders using the field force management app. The booked order is visible to managers to approve.
  • Analytical Reports: These auto generated reports are a great way of accurately measuring the sales made and the customers served by the field employees.
  • Expense Management: Using the expense management solution, managers are able to approve or reject claims for reimbursement remotely. They can even cap the reimbursement amount, which is customizable according to team and designation.

Reduce Thefts With Field Force Management Software

The result of theft is financial loss and loss of employee trust and reliability. To prevent such situations from escalating, it’s better to prevent them from beginning. Field force management software can help you with it as it helps managers manage their field employees and the operation.

TrackoField is a leading field force management software that provides much needed visibility to managers.

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