Register Editor on Windows 11: Disable or Allow Sign-In to Wakeup. Modern Standby

Register Editor on Windows 11: Disable or Allow Sign-In to Wakeup. Modern Standby

Windows 11 will ask users to sign in each time they come out of the state of hibernation (or modern hibernation). If you’re not keen to sign in every time your computer is in idle for long periods There are alternative ways to sign in.   The Most common error that How to Fix last line no longer available Here is Guide to Fix in simple Ways.


Sign in to screen for Windows 11


Logging in on the wake-up time is an excellent option when you’re using the computer while in public places or in a workspace shared. This safeguards against any other person to access your PC’s private data while the computer is “sleeping”.


If you’re the only person using the Windows 11 PC, and it isn’t utilized outside your home, you are able to disabling it and take away any registration requirements.


There are numerous methods to achieve the task, you could perform it using an application terminal or GUI in Windows 11.


There are a variety of methods to disable or enable Requires Log-in on Wakeup’ Windows 11. This article will demonstrate how to disable or activate the behaviour that occurs when you Sleep and Hibernation and Modern Standby.


There are many ways to disable or enable Require-Log-in on Windows 11:


  1. Windows 11 Settings – Disable or enable Sign-in Requirement the wake-up process from the modern Standby
  2. Register Editor in Windows 11: Disable or Allow Sign-In to Wakeup. Modern Standby
  3. Setup Windows 11 Settings to Disable or Enable Sign-In Requirement for Wakeup From Sleep or Hibernate
  4. Utilize the Command Prompt in order to disable or turn off Sign-in requirement for Wakeup from Sleep or Hibernate.
  5. Use the Local Group Policy Editor deactivate or allow sign-in for wake-ups to Sleep and Hibernate

If you want to tweak Windows Follow the steps which best meets your requirements.

It requires logging in to wake up to wake up from Sleep as well as Hibernation (via the Settings)


Modern Standby isn’t compatible with your current configuration on your computer. There are two choices to alter the behavior of sign-in to wake up in the classic and hibernation modes.


If the machine that Windows 11 was installed does not support Modern Standby, this option is not accessible. The current power plan is not changed by changes described below.


* Go to the Settings menu to deactivate or allow requiring sign-in for the wake-up time for Sleep or Hibernation.

* To display the Settings screen to open the Settings screen, press Windows button + I.

* You can open the Accounts menu on the left side once you have logged into the Settings screen.

* Then, select Sign in the options.

Once you’ve entered the menu for Sign-In Options you can change the time at which Windows will Windows require you to sign-in to sign in again? The dropdown menu can be set to either Never (default) or when your computer is awake after a sleep (default) in accordance with the type of behavior you prefer.


Once the changes have been made you are able to close Settings.


Sign-in required to wake from hibernation or sleep with Windows 11 (via Windows Terminal).


We’ve got for you if you’re an experienced terminal user. You can change the requirements for wakeup behavior sign-in when you open the elevated Windows Terminal window. A sequence of instructions will then be run in accordance with whether you’d like to turn on or off this feature.


Note: You’ll be required to alter the command according to the power plan you have.

This is how you switch off or turn your Windows Terminal to require sign-in to wake up from hibernation, sleep or both.


* To open a Run dialog, press Windows key +R. Then, type wt> into the box for text. After that press Shift + Enter to open the elevated Windows terminal.


* Start a Windows Terminal app

To give administrators access to your account, select Yes when you’ve received the User account Control prompt.


Once within the high-level Windows Terminal copy one of these commands and press according to the type of behavior you wish to create regarding the wake-up security system

Configure Sign-in Required to ON





Plugged in


Configure Sign-in Required to OFF



Plugged in


Once the command has been completed, you are able to end your raised Command Prompt. The command should have been able to have its effect.

It requires logging in to wake up from hibernation or sleep (via using the Local Group Policy Editor) .


This technique is most efficient when you are using an editor for Local Policies installed and is able to manage several computers in the network.


The utility won’t be available if you’re operating Windows 11 Home. Windows 11 PRO, Windows 11 PRO Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Educational do not include this feature. Group Policy Editor. It is also possible to use this Local Group Policy utility in the Home version in Windows 11.

Note: This method is not applied when you follow Method 3 or Method 4 is used. The next steps will take over the behavior you already have created. This method will not alter Method 1 or Method 2.

This article will teach you how to make use of the local group editor to turn off or allow the requirement to sign-in for Windows 11 wakeup.


* To open a Run dialog, press Windows key +R. After that enter “gepdit.msc” in the text box. Press Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter. This will bring up The Local Group Policy Editor. Local Group Policies Editor.

If you wish to grant administrator rights, you will be asked to grant administrative privileges via the Account Control.


Once you’re within the Editor for Local Policies, go to the following location by using the menu left to your left:Z


* Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Power Management\Sleep Settings

Once you’ve arrived in the correct location ensure your Sleep Setting are selected , and then switch to the right-hand panel.


Double-click on the button to require an account password when the computer is connected to .

* Then, you must modify the password for Requirement when the computer is activated or deactivated depending on the task you want to achieve.

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