Role of Custom Tie Boxes to Make Your Brand Word Of Mouth

Role of Custom Tie Boxes to Make Your Brand Word Of Mouth

Description  Want to increase the value of your ties and maximize your sales? Then must use custom tie boxes to provide an appealing look to your tie for your users. 

The tie is one of the smallest parts of our dress court, but it changes a person’s personality professionally. And multiple brands in the market emerge to facilitate customers with quality products. Therefore, they need to pack their ties in durable tie packaging boxes. For this purpose, premade boxes are not good options, and you need to choose premium quality packaging boxes for your customers. On this subject, you use custom tie boxes and choose versatile options that you choose to build your brand reputation in the industry. 

Durable Cardstock Build Trust of Customers 

The first option is to pick the cardstock that ensures the protection of your customers to build your brand reputation. Therefore, packaging brands use durable cardstock for your tie packaging boxes. If you tie box material tear and make a reason for some kind of annoying stain, to portray a negative image of your customers. So, you just need to pay attention to them to choose durable cardstock for your packaging boxes that securely hold your ties and prevent them from damaging effects. Thus, custom tie boxes offer you to pick any cardstock for product packaging according to your need. Here is the list of materials that you can choose for your packaging boxes. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid 

To ensure the protection of your ties, you can choose the thickness of cardstock from 14pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt, and 24pt. Also, rigid tie boxes are best to make your ties in opulent-looking boxes to captivate your users. 

Alluring Design Captivate the Customers

Most of the brands need to pack their ties in printed boxes, but it doesn’t mean that you can use 1-colors printed tie box o pack their products. So, you need to use creative design patterns with sparkling colors. You have the option to choose any design that is easily printed with 2-color printing, 3-color-printing, and 4-color printing. Therefore, you can use various types of design patterns for this purpose. Here is the list of some designs that are perfectly used on necktie boxes. 

Floral design – This design contains flowers patterns, either is small or large in size. Plus, sometimes brands use earthy, warm colors, and sometimes they use light pastels to create the perfect catchy design for their customers. 

Intricate lines – In this design, packaging designers play with lines to create complex artwork on your printed tie packaging boxes. Also, foiling can use to highlight these lines to clearly show the perfect design to your end-users. 

Geometrical shapes design– Most of the brands play with geometrical shapes to create an overwhelming design for your custom neckties at no minimum. Sometimes, this design looks like an abstract design that every individual understands as their mind level. If you can use these shapes in the same pattern, it is called symmetrical design. 

Using Tie Cloth and Window on the Packaging Box Best for Authentication 

Most of the time, brands use various styles of boxes for tie packaging that are attractive and engrossing for customers. So, you can use custom-tie packaging boxes with quirky styles, but you need to consider the transparency of the quality of your product. If an apparel retailer opens a tie box for every customer’s checking, it becomes dusty and rough. So, no one wants to buy them at any cost to invest their money. Thus, you need to use window cuts courts on your custom-tie packaging boxes to show their products to their customers. Two types of windows are available in the industry for you: single-sided and double-sided windows.   

Apart from this, you can use a ties cloth on the lid of your tie box to show what the quality of your ties that you can get from the retailer is? Moreover, you print the complete view of a tie on the box lid to explain how it looks when someone wears it. 

Placing Logo to Make Your Brand Recognizable 

If you want to make your brand talk of the town, you need to make your packaging perfect. On this subject, you can place the logo and brand name on the custom printed tie boxes. The logo is one of the best choices that you can use on your tie packaging to make your brand recognizable in the pool of competitors. Due to this, your tie box logo must be made according to the enlisting points explained below. 

  • It must be attractive and unique.
  • A color selection must be perfect for displaying your brand. 
  • Add dome characters and symbols to your logo to make them unique. 
  • Make them quirky by using foiling and coatings. 

However, multiple types of logos tie brands use according to their needs. For instance, you can choose a text-based logo, letter mark logo, mascot logo, abstract logo, and combination mark logo. 


Printing Information Protect Your Ties from Damaging Effects 

Sometimes, your neckties make from fabric that wash on hands doesn’t need sunlight for drying. So, you need to clearly mention the instructions, security precautions, and products related info on your tie boxes wholesale to aware your target audiences. Here are some ideas that you just need to mention on your tie boxes. 

  • Print the fabric name
  •  Colors of your ties 
  • Style of tie 
  • Washing instructions 
  • Other security instructions 

QR Scan Code Help You Maintain the Originality 

One last thing you must mention on your tie boxes is adding a QR scan code to deliver your message to your end-users. A quick response code helps your brand build its uniqueness and ensure your customers don’t buy duplicates or low-grade products. So, ask your custom tie boxes manufacturer to add a QR scan code to your packaging. This code is hidden and individually printed on each product, and when your customers use them to check, they get a quick response whether the product is original or fake.
Wrapping Up Things 

The gist of the discussion mentioned above is quite to explain how you need to use your tie boxes that help make your brands talk of the town. So, you need to use durable cardstock, QR scan codes, choose unique styles, printing information to protect your ties from misuse. Moreover, you can place brand name, logo, and annexation of tie cloth on your custom tie boxes to provide product authentication. Moreover, it is all up to you what you choose to pack your ties in gleeful packaging solutions. 


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