Mailchimp or Sendinblue? Let’s See What Truly Works for Your Company

Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that empowers B2C and B2B businesses, agencies and ecommerce sellers to build customer relationships through their end-to-end digital merketing campaigns, marketing automation and transactional messaging.


The following are the features of Sendinblue:

  • They have a customizable dashboard that lets one focus on what matters the most.

  • They have a user-friendly automation workflow.

  • Sendinblue has an easy list management that lets them focus on what really matters.

  • They have recently added features like Built-In Live chat and SMS campaigns.

  • They also have a multilingual support team.

About Mailchimp  

Mailchimp is a platform that helps in both managing and talking to interested parties, customers and clients. Their approach to marketing mainly focuses on a healthy form of contact management practices. They also provide robust data analysis and beautifully designed campaigns. They really help businesses in becoming an expert markter.


The following are the features of Mailchimp:

  • They have a vast integration library.

  • They have features like drop and easy-to-use drag templates.

  • They also provide with very useful insightful analytics and reporting.

  • Mailchimp provides stats on sales conversion data.

Sendinblue and Mailchimp Comparison  

Both of these tools are great email-marketing platforms which share similar feature sets, but when someone digs in deeper,more differences can be found. Here is a comparison based on their features:

  • Pricing  

Mailchimp has its price plans set on the number of contacts, and email sends a user needs. A user can choose between the four price plans that are available, ranging from Free to Premium and the price of which starts at 299$ monthly. It can scale beyond that with large email send volumes and large contact databases.

While on the other hand, Sendinblue offers unlimited number of contacts for all of their price plans and also tends to be the cheaper alternative when it comes to price. The price range of their services offers from free to Enterprise version – to avail, which the marketers need to custom quote.

Tip: You can use the sendinblue affiliate login to enter the affiliate program. Here, when a user that you refer creates up a free account on their website of Sendinblue, you get 5€ as a reward. If that user ends up buying a subscription, then you will receive up to 10€.

  • Customer Support  

Mailchimp restricts phone support for lower-tier price plans, but offers live chat support and email for their Essentials plan.

While Sendinblue supports a large number of languages, which backs up their origins and the large customer base located in Europe. One can acccess the customer support with all of its phone support and plans for the sixty days of Lite and Free plans. Sometimes even throughout the customer journey – but that is only if the user chooses the upper plans.

  • Design and Templates  

Mailchimp offers 100+ readymade email layouts and templates that speed up things for your job. With the free plans one can only preview by device, but with the paid plan type one will be able to preview by email client.

When using Sendinblue, they offer full access to their 60+ fully responsive and well designed email templates.

  • Analytics and Reporting  

Mailchimp offers a fantastic reporting suite that offers much more complexity, specially on its upper priced plans. Including conversion and analytics data that aids in understanding the ROI of email marketing throughout the journey of the customer.

While, Sendinblue provides a reporting suite that has all the keyinsights that one needs and also an integration of Google Analytics. It does, though, lack conversion and social data.


Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding both of these email-automation tools:

  • Is Mailchimp no longer free?

A: Mailchimp offers their free plan but only for up to 500 contacts and only 2,500 emails per month (with ads).

  • Can I use Sendinblue for free?

A: Yes, you can use it for free. With the free plan, you are going to have a restricted quota of only 300 emails per day. However, in the span of next few days, you must manually try to send your campaign to all of your subscribers with the option of requeue.

  • Does Sendinblue do SMS?

A: With the SMS form of marketing software, a user will be able to send transactional and promotional messages right from the same platform as your email marketing campaigns.

  • Does Mailchimp make use of Python?

A: They do use Python, but their backend is built in Django. You can pick any programming language, and the mailchamp’s API documentation then generates the code for the user.

To Wrap It Up!  

Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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