Step by step guide to become a successful video game developer

Step by step guide to become a successful video game developer

Have you ever thought how vast the gaming industry is? It is one of the lucrative industries under the sub category of media and entertainment sector. After the release of the first successful commercial game “Pong” the gaming sector has also seen a steady growth. And now it is more than 150million dollar industry. The global gaming industry is forecast to worth $256.97 billion by the year 2025. And the main constrain of this industry is its manpower. The more manpower it gets, the more gaming industry gets its strength. All you have to do is acquire as much skill and knowledge as possible. First you need to understand what exactly is game development.

What is video game development?

In a simpler language, the process of creating video games or the act of making games is known as video game development.

Various stages of Video game development

Here we have given the following stages of game development, and possibly the best ways of learning game development (step by step)

Step 1: Concept development

This is the very first step in how to develop a game in the concept of development. It is a general idea. In short you have to gist your ideas into very few sentences.

Step 2: Pitching

It is one of the important points. One have to pitch ones idea in a brief form so that they can communicate their ideas along with their goals. It is in a point to promote why would it be a wise idea to develop commercially and financially as well.

Step 3: Concept

Concept is really important in game development, obviously without the concept it will be very vague. Here a game developer chalks out his/her points which will describe all the aspects of the game, starting from story, risk analysis, demographics and a ship loads of information.

Step 4: Document for Game Designing

This document will have a reference to different kinds of planning which as a developer you have completed so far.  Which will include all the prototypical aspect for your assignment.

Step 5: Framework

Building a framework is really important for a game developer. It will allow methods which will fully execute ones idea. It is really a good way to make a good concept, adapting your goals in a more palpable form.

Step 6 : To produce

This is the final step where the ball starts to roll. In this part the sound and the graphical assets starts their implementation. Here the programming comes to the game development process. 

What is the work of a game developer?

A  game developer focuses on the programming parts which is required for a video game. They know how to code and brings out life from the concepts of designing. Although indie developers have the responsibility of fixing the sounds, fixing the character assets or level designing etc. But for AAA studio setting, the game developers have to play a very specific roles.

In some cases there will be amalgamation of both designers and developers. You could spend some time brainstorming  and construct character styles, then take the ultimate ideas and convey them to life within the game.

How to be a part of this gaming industry?

We have discussed few steps on how you can be a part of this million dollar industry:

Get proper training

One thing you should always keep in your mind that “skill” is the first and foremost thing. The more you have skills the more job offers you get. There are several institutions which have a Game Designing Courses which will definitely be helpful for your career.  If you want to do a diploma in Game development and game design, Red Apple Learning would be a very well choice for you. As their curriculum is designed in such a professional way that the students will learn with great enthusiasm.

Try to adapt to the environment 

As it is a forever changing industry so you should have that zeal inside you so that you can adapt yourself in this sector. Keep updating yourself and try to keep a pace with the new updates in the technological sector. Openness is quite an important task so that you can absorb knowledge, so don’t limit yourself.

Learn from a production house

Learning from a production house will provide a real working environment which will help you to get a better understanding of how the gaming industry operates. There are some gaming studios which hire employees to work in non developmental roles at first and allow them to move up to development or designing positions.

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