The 11 Foods which can Keep Your Liver Healthy

The 11 Foods which can Keep Your Liver Healthy

The Liver is an important organ of the body as it excretes a chemical called bile. The liver regulates the chemicals that pass into the blood, it breaks down and creates nutrients and metabolizes drugs into forms that are easier for the rest of the body. It produces proteins for the blood plasma, cholesterol, converts excess glucose into glycogen, regulates blood levels of amino acids, regulates blood clotting, and converts the poisonous ammonia to urea, and many more. To keep the liver healthy, we must eat some foods so that it functions properly, and our metabolism is balanced. Before we read the 11 foods which are good for the liver, we would like to inform you that we provide content on education, home décor, technology, health, and other interesting facts. We also provide essay help on different assignments on our website.

The list of 11 foods is given below:

  • Eggs: Eggs are very good for the liver as they are full of amino acids and have the perfect proteins. They also contain antioxidants like vitamin A and E, have vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your liver as they keep the liver strong and make vibrant cell membranes.
  • Coffee: Coffee protects the liver from diseases like cirrhosis or chronic liver disease. It also decreases the chance of developing liver cancer and inflammation. The antioxidants present in coffee neutralize harmful free radicals and increase levels of the antioxidant glutathione. So, you can have at least three cups of coffee per day.
  • Grapefruit: The main antioxidants found in grapefruit are naringenin and naringin which protects the liver naturally. Grapefruit reduces inflammation and protects cells and reduces the development of hepatic fibrosis. It has been tested in rats, where naringin shows the ability to metabolize alcohol and counteract some of alcohol’s negative effects.
  • Garlic: Garlic is rich in allicin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and selenium which helps in detoxification of the liver. Allicin is a sulphur compound that has antioxidant, antibiotic, and antifungal properties to keep the liver healthy. Selenium detoxifies the chemicals.
  • Herbs: Different herbs like ginger, dandelion root, cilantro, garlic, and turmeric have excellent detoxification properties.
  • Prickly Pear: It is a popular type of edible cactus and helps in the treatment of ulcers, wounds, fatigue, and liver disease. They reduce inflammation which often occurs after drinking alcohol.
  • Beetroot juice: Beetroot juice has nitrates and antioxidants called betalains which reduces oxidative damage and inflammation. They contain potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, manganese and fiber which stimulates bile flow and improves enzymatic activity and helps in breaking down toxic wastes faster.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables like spinach, chard, arugula, collards, and kale are excellent sources of potassium, manganese, and magnesium. They are good in fibre and contain chlorophyll which neutralizes heavy metals and toxic chemicals.
  • Blueberries and Cranberries contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants like anthocyanins which have antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties to increase immunity and lower inflammation.
  • Nuts: nuts are high in fats, and antioxidants like vitamin E. Nuts have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that protect you against fat accumulation. Walnuts contain amino acid arginine which removes ammonia from the body. The components such as glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids can improve lipid profile, hepatic steatosis, and inflammation.
  • Citrus fruits like lemons, lime contain citric acid, vitamin C, bioflavonoids and potassium which improves energy, enhances liver detoxification, and reduces inflammation. Studies show that the antioxidants help protect the liver from injury.

These are the 11 foods that keep your liver healthy. Start eating them and have a healthy liver! For more such content, reach us at Also do not forget to take our accounting assignment help online to increase your marks in your assignments through our site.


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