The Complete Guide to Starting Freelancing from Scratch

The Complete Guide to Starting Freelancing from Scratch

Freelancing is a dream of almost everyone. Nothing sounds better than being your own boss when it comes to making money. You do not have to report to anyone, and you will be at your own beck and call.

You will take on as many projects as you can handle at a time without worrying about failing to meet the deadline. The extra time you would get to spend with your family and friends and the extra money you would earn that you cannot even while doing the double work at your full-time job.

Well, you are in luck if you are already a freelancer, but there are many people who put in the effort to become a freelancer and fail. Freelancing attracts a lot of people for one reason and the other, but the fact is that one in five freelancers is successful in this industry.

One of the significant challenges people face during freelancing is that they do not get the desired guidance. Whether it is about constant marketing or bidding on the right project, a large number of people do not know the right way.

Some people just earn a few dollars while others earn quite impressive money. It all depends on your freelancing skills.

Tips to become a freelancer if you are a novice

Here are the tips that you should follow if you want to earn an inordinate amount of money through freelancing.

  • Find out the niche

There are various types of freelancing streams. First, you need to identify your passion. The first thing that flashes across people’s minds when they hear or think about freelancing is writing. It is a very big myth that all freelancers are writers.

Freelancers can be web designers, web developers, influence marketers, video editors, SEO, and the like. You will have to identify what you can do based on your skills. If you have writing skills, you can further break them down.

For instance, you can become a creative writer, eBook writer, scriptwriter, blog writer, landing page writer, and so on.

Since there are loads of options, you can be in two minds. The key is to choose the option that justifies your skills. You can change it later when you think that you should opt for other options.

  • Have a freelancing mindset

Since you are setting off your new journey, getting into the freelancing mindset is crucial. You will likely be all over the lot as there is no fixed schedule. This is why you are suggested to create a morning routine.

You should set a schedule for all of your routine tasks, so you do not feel like being in shambles. Sticking to a schedule is paramount to ensure that you do not fail to meet deadlines.

However, this is not the challenge that you are to face. Imposter syndrome can rear its head to slag you off. You may feel like you are not good at anything, and this inner critic can hold you back from doing your task correctly.

This can result in a serious chaotic situation. Since you are at the beginning of your journey, imposter syndrome can make it complicated for you to get through it. This is why practice gratitude and try to have positive thinking.

When you feel that you cannot do it, you are just for nothing. Tell yourself the reverse of it. This counterattack strategy will help you quickly tackle your inner critic.

  • Create a website

If you are looking forward to becoming a freelancer, you must have a website as it will help display your services. At the time of marketing your freelance services, you can mention the link to your website.

Most of the freelancers are hung up about having their own website as they think it is too early to have one, but the fact is that your website proves that you are a professional freelancer and you are serious about your business.

This can allow you to get your clients if anyone visits your website and drops a query. Make sure that your website has all information that your users need to place an order.

For instance, you explain all of your services along with prices you charge, add a portfolio tab where you can show the best of your work, about me, and above all, the contact us page. If you have an idea of building a website from scratch, it is well and good.

Otherwise, you should hire a web developer. In case you do not have enough money to invest in, you can take out loans for bad credit with a direct lender in the UK.

These loans can help you fund your small needs. However, it is crucial to be able to pay off the debt. Before you borrow money, make sure that you have analyzed your repaying capacity and not borrowed more than your affordability.

  • Find some clients

Finding clients is a real challenge in a freelance business. There are some freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr from where you can get clients. It can be challenging for you to get clients at the beginning of your journey because of cutthroat competition.

You do not need to just rely on these websites to get clients. You should tap into your network. LinkedIn is a good platform to get freelance projects. Try to reach out to people whom you already know so you can get projects.

If they like your work, they will recommend you to people of their acquaintance. You can also send cold emails to companies whom you would like to work for. Not everyone will turn to your emails, but some of you will likely approach you.

Some companies may be overwhelmed with multiple projects, and they can offer you some of their projects. If you are a blog writer, you can find some reputed blogs that ask freelance bloggers to write for them in exchange for a good amount of money. 

  • Invest in freelance courses

You should buy freelance courses to learn about freelancing in a better way. You can find several freelance books online written by renowned freelancers that you can buy to learn various things from marketing to grab new clients.

Likewise, you can enroll in some online freelance courses. These online courses are small courses and can help you gain a better insight into the freelancing business.

Once you start taking it in your strides, you will be able to grow it, and then you can run your own company and hire freelancers to work under you. You can buy an office space and run your own company as it grows.

If you need money to register your company at that time and buy office space, you can take out unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor. These loans can help you fund your business.

The bottom line

If you want to become a freelancer, you should follow the tips mentioned above. The tips mentioned earlier can help you start your freelancing journey, and if you manage to get it off your ground, you can have a team of freelancers under you.


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