The kettle who gave birth – one of the best bedtime stories to read

The kettle who gave birth – by Nasreddin Hodja is a wonderful Turkish folk tale 

This story is one of the wonderful bedtime stories to read. Nasreddin Hodja the writer of the story used to live in a big neighbourhood. There one of the neighbours has a beautiful kettle. And the writer of the story admired that particular kettle a lot. It was a very big and also beautiful kettle. Basically, that was painted and was glazed with multiple colors and combinations because of which it became even more beautiful.

This was one of the major reasons why the writer of the story wanted that particular kettle for himself. So, he decided to play a drama and make a plan to get that particular beautiful kettle for himself. He made a plan and he went to the neighbour’s house. The writer is very intelligent and also a witty person. Therefore, the plan he made is out of the box and nobody would ever question or judge the same. He executed the plan as he thought of it.

The writer of the story told his neighbour that, Hey dear neighbour! I hope you are doing well. Actually, I have been here at your house because I wanted to borrow your kettle for some time. Because my own kettle is started leaking and is of no use until I get it repaired. And on the other hand, some of my relatives are on the way and visiting my house shortly. He created and cooked up a story and a scenario in haste, which made the neighbour to take the decision urgently. This made the story one of the bedtime stories to read.

Though the neighbour does not like the writer of the story, Nasreddin Hodja. But the person was a religious and kind hearted man. Therefore, he agreed to give his kettle to him anyway.

Nasreddin Hodja took the kettle from the neighbour and promised him also that he will return the kettle the next day itself. He went to his house and started using the kettle.

So many days passed already and Nasreddin Hodja was still using the kettle. He did not return it back to the neighbour. The neighbour waited patiently for a few more days. But in the end, he could not wait anymore. He went to Nasreddin Hodja’s house and asked for the kettle in this bedtime stories to read.

Neighbour – Hi! Nasreddin Hodja, you asked for my kettle for a day only but now it has been several days. I was waiting for you to come and give me my kettle back. But you didn’t come. Please give my kettle back now.

On this, Nasreddin Hodja replied very beautifully and also sarcastically. 

Nasreddin Hodja – Dear neighbour, you came to my house at the right time itself. I was about to return your kettle back the next day. But your kettle is in delicate and very complicated condition. Your kettle gave birth to a little beautiful kettle. And I was waiting for the little kettle to be strong enough to live in the world. So, that I can give you your kettle back.

Wait let me get you your kettle along with the small little kettle. He went inside the house and bring both the kettles for the neighbour. Nasreddin Hodja handed over both the kettles to the neighbour.

The neighbour was really shocked with amaze, he took both kettles and was thinking that a kettle can really give birth. He was thinking that it is a miracle that has happened to him. He was really surprised, amazed, and also happy in one of these bedtime stories to read.

After some days, again Nasreddin Hodja went to the neighbour’s house and asked for the kettle for a day. This time neighbour was happy and also readily agreed upon giving the kettle to him. This time neighbour did not even think about giving the kettle even once.

Nasreddin Hodja took the kettle and went back to his house. This time also, neighbour waited for several days for Nasreddin Hodja, that he will bring back the kettle. Now again neighbour went to Nasreddin Hodja’s house and asked for the kettle.

neighbour – why don’t you bring back the kettle to me? I have been waiting for the same for several days.

This time the scenario was different in this best bedtime stories to read

Nasreddin Hodja replied – oh my dear neighbour. I wish I can give you better news than this. But the kettle was old and sick. So she died. I looked and waited for you. So that we can bury the kettle together but you were not there. And the corpse was starting to rot. Therefore, I asked for help from some other people and buried your kettle somehow.

neighbour was really very angry this time. And he went to court and presented the whole matter before the judge.

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Judge asked – why did you take the kettle for your own?

Nasreddin Hodja replied – my lord! The kettle was sick and old and she died. I looked for the neighbour but he was not there around. So, I took help from some other people nearby me and buried the kettle.

Judge exclaimed loudly – how this is possible at all? How a kettle can die even? It is not at all possible. Then he said, oh yes! When a kettle can give birth then she can die as well.

Then the judge was really confused and he asked for the complete story. Then Nasreddin Hodja narrated the complete cooked up story and all the incidents as well. The neighbour was there only and he looked ashamed. The judge laughed and understood that Nasreddin Hodja is a shrewd man.

At the end of the whole discussion and processing, the judge decided to give the kettle to Nasreddin Hodja. This made the story one of the best bedtime stories to read.

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