The Top 3 CRMs for Real Estate in 2021

The Top 3 CRMs for Real Estate in 2021

In this digital age, the importance of Customer Relationship Management Software for Real Estate Brokers, Firms, and Channel partners is growing. Most real estate brokers are facing challenges for lead capturing, lead management, inventory management, database analysis, and cultivation. 

It isn’t that easier for realtors to find leads. There are many lead providers for attracting buyers and sellers. Though managing them leads is not that easy.

Realtors need a way through which they manage all the sales leads in one place. This is where CRM comes.  Real Estate CRM is the best way for businesses to centralize on one platform, contact management. It streamlines the deal pipelines. Management of leads through spreadsheets or inboxes is way too old because it is disorganized. But with CRM, it is always organized; you will never miss inquiries and any human error. In addition, CRM today comes with tools to integrate contacts from the other real estate apps seamlessly. 

There are many popular CRM software in the market, but remember, not all are perfect for real estate companies. If you want the best solution integration of CRM, which offers a personalized and timely response for all leads, then it is advisable to choose CRM, which is optimized for real estate. 

There are best CRMs for Real Estate 2021, which includes dedicated software for the real estate industry, and then there are a few all-rounders which work well for realtors. 

Benefits of CRMs for Realtors:

The CRM software for the Real Estate realtors and brokers could best tackle challenges using the process of automation. Brokers can focus more energy and resources on building and expanding the business with Real estate CRM integration to ease sales and effective marketing work. 

Here are benefits or the reasons why Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Brokers must embrace CRM:

There are impactful advantages for realtors.

Lead Nurturing becomes much better: With the help of CRM, closing deals becomes faster. A fast lead time is essential. You respond to leads immediately. This is achieved through automated emails, chatbots and live chats on the website, and automated voicemail messages. The CRM looks into automating certain processes like Lead capture. Monthly newsletters are sent, personalized content to homeowners to improve engagement and recall to improve communication. 

Centralization of the contacts: The sales leads and deals are now on one platform, and all your employees know what customer data to find and where to find and what to look for. The chances of double work diminish. Overlooking of leads also decreases.

Build long-term relationships: the research suggests that more than 50 percent of people found agents through a referral system; family or friends have referred them. The study states that 35% of people use previous agents when buying or selling another home. 

Know When and Why of calling: Working out the follow-up plan for who to call can be a time killer. This is where CRM for real estate is very efficient as it routinely reminds sales teams to touch base with customers that you have not spoken to in quite some time. The CRM can set a schedule about who to get in touch with, where and how to get in touch. 

Follow-ups are easier and faster: Realtors get help from CRM for real estate to build relationships with timely follow-up with prospective clients. The decision-making process becomes much more simplified, and the platform enables the agents to reach out to prospects and leads directly via call, SMS, email, and social media. 

Closing deals:

 The most important part is closing sales in Real Estate deals. The dedicated real estate CRM software is effective. It supports the process of sales funnel and sale journey through various features, which include meeting applications, timely reminders, deadlines, and such so that closings become more manageable and thus better revenue. 

Responses are faster:

Brokers get streamlined nurturing communication set up because of automation. The CRM database allows immediate pre-set auto-response features to the contacts. Seamless integration ensures a healthy client relationship with responsive interactions. 

Integrated solution:

CRM software technology means working smarter, not harder, to enable more deals with fewer efforts. CRM is a process that blends software with a strategy to attain long-term customers and build a successful business. 

A Real Estate CRM is an integrated, unique solution designed for real estate agencies and property dealers, realtors, and brokers. End-to-end software helps in the management of property leads, automates the process of daily booking operations, project management, generates intelligent reports, and gives insight. 

Real Estate CRM ensures that realtors don’t miss an opportunity to connect with the sales leads and potential customers. This platform enables management of the follow-ups, project plans, marketing campaigns, site visits, etc. 

The top 3 CRM for Real Estate in 2021

For real estate, there are best dedicated CRM, especially for real estate: 

  • Contactually
  • AuroCRM
  • Follow Up Boss
  • LionDesk

Top picks of CRM for real estate business:

  1. Contactually

Price: Plans available from $69 per month

Contactually is liked most for its clean interface and known for its comprehensive features and gives insights in regards to performance. Comparatively to other real estate CRMs in the list, this one is higher priced, but this is because of the powerful tools and features you get with this CRM. The amazing feature offered by this CRM includes the best time to send email- intelligence program, personalized automated campaigns, templates, and libraries for email, text, and messaging, saving time. 

  1. AuroCRM

Price: Pricing as per the Business needs- customization available

Auro CRM is a customizable CRM solution that drives growth at every stage of the sales cycle of the customer journey. With Auro CRM, you effectively discover and organize prospective customers as it offers easy and faster lead collection. It offers better communication through email, call, SMS, etc. It provides an integrated solution that helps to close more deals faster with sales flow at a glance, follow up automation, customize sales process, and sales forecasting.

  1. Follow Up Boss

Price: Plans are available at $69 per user per month

Follow Up Boss is very well known and considered the top pick for real estate software on the market. The Follow Up Boss platform offers a seamless user experience. The CRM has a built-in calling, email marketing with powerful campaign planning options, texting, lead management, and distribution tools that will manage all channels in one place.

The Follow Up Boss assimilated lead providers and integrated with major real estate platforms, and synced with the contact of the other real estate apps and businesses. 

Investing in a CRM software platform is essential for the real estate business. As an entrepreneur, you want to keep sales leads, prospects, and buyers in sync. 

AuroCRM is a leading CRM software that will ensure you never miss an opportunity with potential customers. The Auro CRM is the right solution for your agency and firm’s help desk. 


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