The trek to through the Kashmir Great Lakes – A Complete Guidebook

The trek to through the Kashmir Great Lakes – A Complete Guidebook


A trip that exudes splendor in its unreality, majesty, and beauty, even when you mention its name
is known as the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It is known as ” Paradise on Earth ” The KGL trek will
make you beg you to stop and take note to appreciate the breathtaking landscapes it gives to
walking tourists.

At an altitude of 4175 meters The trek is as exhausting as it is rewarding. In this piece we
discuss the challenges associated with Kashmir Great Lakes Trek along with the necessary
medication required for completing the trek in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The Trails of Kashmir Great Lakes

It is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek isn’t only attractive in its surroundings but it’s also a simple bone
to walk. The trail effortlessly switches between descents and ascents throughout the trip. A
typical day will see you rushing to a high elevation, such as an Pass before returning to a
campsite at the opposite end of the hill.

Because you’re constantly exposed your body to the advanced mound and then returning to a
lower altitude for rest, acclimatization becomes more straightforward during the KGL journey
compared to the other routes. The weather is beautiful during the period from July to September,
and frequently gets bad. The terrain is mostly expansive meadows.

While the KGL is presented as an pleasant romp through the meadows, its appearance could be

The lengthy distances one must to cover every day, exacerbated by the ascents and descends
when we travel from one area to the next can be very exhausting on the lungs as well as your

Challenge 1: Really long walks each day of the trip(more than 10km)

When we embark on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, we’ll cover 70 kilometers in the span of
seven days. One thing anyone can see from these numbers is that each day the journey will be a
challenge for you to complete with endless long hours walking.

In the seven days of the trip, the similarity is the chance that you travel across seven different
denes, which are linked by high passes. This is the main reason behind the grade of the journey
to include a mix of descents and ascents some of which are steep in specific sections.

While the route is mostly comprised of meadows and champaigns, completing a cross-country
route almost every day requires a good lung capacity and flexibility.

However, particularly in terms of physical fitness it could be quite a challenge if one isn’t


Challenge: 2 Boulder Hopping on Day 7

The 7th day is when we travel to Satsar Campsite to the Gangabal Lake. Around 15 to 20 times
into the trip when you come to a boulder section that could cause the weight of all fours in order
to keep your the balance.

For those who are new to the area and have never traversed the boulders ahead this stretch can
be a bit difficult until you get familiar with it. However, when you get the hang of climbing the
boulders, this section can prove to be a lot of enjoyable!

Training Levels Required to be able to complete The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

We have already mentioned that the tracks that lead to KGL’s KGL journey and the filmland that
you can find online can be misleading when it comes to describing the position of difficulty.

While the terrain isn’t terribly difficult to traverse but the trails require the ability to exercise and
endurance to take on lengthy hours of travel together with the ascents as well as descents.

Being a moderate position journey, you’ll need good lung capacity and leg strength to finish the
journeystrongly.However, you wo n’t be suitable to enjoy the journey, If you’re floundering utmost
of the time. In the end, having fun instead of just getting it done by completing it. The following is
the best fitness posture we suggest.

Try running 10kms a week and see if can complete the distance in just 60 twinkles. Additionally it
is possible to add the leg muscles with some resistance exercises( such as lunges and syllables)
as well as core exercises to your workout routine.


The denes are susceptible to massive snow and freezing cold, there are numerous months of
trudge through this incredibly long distance. The only time you’re able to plan a trip out is from
July to September. Therefore, you should be informed of any booking.

The Kashmir Great Lakes journey which is also frequently shortened to ‘ KGL ‘ is the most
elaborating journey in this entire marvelouscountry.However, lakes as foamy as the sun, and the
geography as astonishing as nothing in the world, If you wish to journey through meadows as
vast as space.


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