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Tips To Animated Character Development For NFT Crypto Games

Since 2021, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens have been under the spotlight. They have become the talk of every minute around the corners of the globe. NFTs are a multifunctional solution for artists, digital art creators, real-estate business owners, and now for gamers as well. Yes, it is true that NFT games are in their early phase. Still, one can not avoid looking at the market potential of NFT games.

The NFT video game market all over the world will touch $2890.29 Million by 2028. 


The video gaming market will hike to 583.69 billion by 2030. 

By the end of 2024, almost 3.32 billion gamers will thrive across the globe.


So, it seems like great scope lies out there for NFT developers and game developers to merge NFT and gaming. It is no secret now that the NFT game market is snowballing at a remarkable pace. Collectibles are getting sold between a few dollars and millions of dollars. Developers can think about adding Augmented Reality development in their NFT video games. But, it is not everything that will make the game alluring.


In regards to the craze of NFT games or the overall video games, what is the perfect recipe to make a game viral? Let’s put some explosive graphics, mesmerizing effects, good physics, difficult challenges at every level, and rewarding systems on the platter of NFT games. Still feeling something is missing out from the wow factors. It is the characters of the game. Hence, besides considering developing NFTs, and including AR/VR factors, animated character development is equally crucial for NFT games.


The enormous popularity of video games is always thanks to illustrators and developers who dig deep into the creative corners of the mind to create marvelous, realistic, and memorable characters. So, if we set aside the conventional animated character development, people are now surfing through a new wave in the game world, NFT collectibles. Since crypto folks are scouring the internet, scrolling over the various NFT marketplaces in search of NFT artworks, NFT games, and animated characters, it is high time to learn how to cook solid animated characters for the NFT crypto game.


Which Part has Remained Untouched?


Do you remember when the internet came into existence for the first time? There were so many things to explore. The emergence of NFT gaming and collectible is like the internet, all over again. The world of NFT gaming and collectibles is in the infant stage right now. With the abundance of ideas, topics, genres, themes, etc., can any digital artist or game developer run out of innovation?


So, why waste time improving the wheel, and reinventing artwork? Why would you waste your time creating a resemblance to CryptoPunks, or Beeple’s Everyday? The world has had enough of digital cats, crypto heroes, or axies.


Why don’t you research games and literature, and dig out which part is left untouched? Game developers have already partnered with the Virtual Reality company to implement AER/VR elements in video games. NFT games are opening another advanced avenue for game developers to explore advanced technologies. So, game studios need to focus on NFT development and animated character development to bring extraordinary games to the world.


Tips for Animated Character Development


Following are the fundamental steps to design outstanding animated characters for NFT games:


Character Backstory


This is another important factor in the whole NFT animated character development. Gamers always prefer a short background description of game characters. A solid backstory is something that all video game characters embody to reach the pedestal of popularity. It is no exception in the case of NFT gaming characters. You don’t need to write a novel for each of your characters. Present the backstory or character description in an interesting manner that can attract gamers at once. Even the comic or mysterious characters need to reveal a backstory to light up the curiosity among the gamers.

The success of BlockBabies definitely goes to innovative gaming ideas and cute infants. But, each of the infants comes with an interesting backstory written in a rhyming verse. The unique presentation of character backstory in Block Babies attracts gamers to try the collectibles.


What is the Motive?


Determine what you want your characters to do and why. It is very crucial while venturing into animated character development. A character without any motif marching toward an adventure sounds no good. It can be fame, fortune, self-fulfillment, or popularity, persuading a game protagonist to step forward to a legendary adventure, or war.


A Bridge Between the Player and Environment


Animated characters play a vital role in forming a bridge between the player and the game environment. It is the characters who evoke emotions and sympathy, a sense of loss and accomplishment within the player. No matter you work on Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality development to enhance the game environment, animated characters connect the player to the game environment and the various levels of the game.


Character Traits


The character trait is another vital element in the entire process of animated character development for games. Do you want to create an impulsive character or a strategic one? What kind of mannerisms do you want to add to your character? What are the quirks of your character? Think about these before you start working on the project.


Final Thoughts


Plenty of tools and software are available in the market to craft 2D and 3D animated game characters. But people search for creative and unique collectibles in the NFT gaming world. So break the shells of conventional processes and embrace advanced techniques for animated character development to create something that will stand out from the crowd.



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