Top 13 Ways to Take Control of Your Personal Finance

Are you someone who is always pressed due to financial problems and not able to live your life fully? You should take complete control of your finances, or it will take control of your life.

It is never too late to take care of your financial planning. According to the Capital One Mind over Money Study in 2022, 77% of people felt anxiety about their finances.

You need to remind yourself that you are not dealing with financial stress alone, and there are always some tips to regain control of your finances.

Take a look at the following strategies that will help you manage your finance properly:

Set Your Budget

Budgeting can help you control your desire to spend extra. Proper budgeting can also help you spend your money on things once in a while that cherishes you the most.

Begin your budget by creating a list of necessities in categories like transport costs, shopping, grocery, utility bills, household spending, dining out, gym membership and other expenses. After you are done noting down everything on your list, make sure to make a few changes by eliminating extra expenses. This will let you manage all your expenses efficiently, and you will be able to save a significant amount at the end of the day.

Create a Proper Plan for Debt Repayment

Repaying your debts is a crucial step for stabilizing your financial plan. And it isn’t just about repaying, you need to clear your debts in a timely manner. If you cannot manage your debt within your budget, get help from a financial advisor to combat the hurdle.

Read More Books on Personal Finance

Broaden your knowledge in finance by seeking financial wisdom from books written by financial experts. Financial books can help you take control of your personal finances. You can seek their guidance to learn to get out of debt fast or build an investment portfolio. Buy old online financial books or borrow them from the local library to improve your savings. You can also consider using audiobooks.

Stop Eating Out

If you want to save your money, you must get rid of your habit of eating out frequently. Eating out once in a while is fine but do not make it a regular habit. You can save more by cooking your meals at home. Consider bringing lunch to your work instead of ordering food online. Get ready to be surprised by the savings you make after making such a big change.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Another way to manage your money wisely is to pay your bills right on time. This way, you can prevent all the late fees and priorities your essential spending. Consider having a strong on-time payment history to lift your credit score. My tip here is that you automate your bills to avoid penalties. You can also maintain a calendar alarm for bill payments to get notifications prior the due date.

Start Investing Early

Start saving your money as early as possible. This will give you higher returns in the long run and more time to grow your wealth. My advice is that you start investing right from your first paycheck. You can start investing a little and then increase your amount as your salary improves.

Create a Proper Savings Account

You must separate the money you spend daily from the money you want to save. You require setting up a designated saving account. This will ensure that you do not dip into savings to cover your daily budget.

Use Your Credit Wisely

If you want to have a sound financial plan, it’s essential to use credit responsibly because your credit score impacts big financial purchases you make. Make sure to always pay your bills on time and ensure to keep your balance below the limit of the card. Understand your current debt so you can calculate how much you can borrow. Make sure the number says below 30%, or it may negatively hamper your credit score.

Take up a Part-Time Job

Another great way of boosting your monthly savings is by taking a part-time job. You can do an event shift in a café or a restaurant or do some freelancing jobs. Such a side hustle can help you fill your savings account. However, ensure that you do not burn out. Remember that your mental & physical health is above everything.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Once you subscribe to a particular service, you may feel reluctant to cancel the subscriptions even though you hardly use it ever. Mostly this is because of the sunk-cost fallacy. We hardly use subscription services to the fullest. Thus, make sure to cancel unused subscriptions as early as possible.

Create an Emergency Fund

Everyone should make an emergency fund. It will be helpful in sudden situations like hospitalisation or in any unexpected last-minute trip. This way, you can use your emergency fund well in an unpleasant atmosphere. It will bring peace of mind. Creating an emergency fund means may take about three to six months of your regular expenses.

Stop Impressing Others

On average, people tend to spend money most when trying to maintain an image in front of others. People you are worried about are mostly busy thinking about themselves. So if you are wondering what exactly they are thinking about you, it will be a complete waste of time. Instead, put your money on things that actually cherish you and bring joy into your life. The less you care about people, the better it will be for you. Remember, others are not going to pay your bills.

Cancel Your Cable Connection

Cancelling your cable can help you save hundreds of dollars every month. I am not asking you to give up on TV altogether. Instead of paying for costly cable services, consider using low-cost streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to watch anything you love.


Getting a little guidance can help you take care of your finances properly and help you spend wisely. Managing wealth, in the beginning, may seem overwhelming, but it can help you take proper control of your finance and become more independent as a person. You do not always need high paying job to improve your personal finances. Sometimes all you need is to be a little more responsible with your money, improve your ability to invest and reduce your overall spending.

AUTHOR BIO:  Megan Walker is a professional financial advisor at one of the top financial firms in the UK. She is also a part of do my homework websites, where she specializes in offering finance assignment help solutions to students.


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