Top 20 Video Interview Tips & Tricks

Top 20 Video Interview Tips & Tricks

As pandemic has turned the situation all over online, it’s not hard to imagine that your upcoming interview will be through video calling. I have given many interviews, but fortunately, my last interview was online through video conferencing, and I thought everything would be similar to my early experiences. The only change is the mode in which I am going to appear.

But, my friend’s difference is there!

In video interviews, the whole environment gets changed, and somehow it also affects the way of thinking and responding. Fix your eyes on the camera instead of searching for the interviewer’s eye. The way of presentation and conversation gets a little changed in online interviews.

 Today, this article will tell you the most effective tips and tricks that you should try during your video interview to make a good impression in your interviewer’s eyes. Connecting and making the interview successful with effective aspects is the only motive of an interviewee to grab the job opportunity.

Top 20 Video Interview Tips & Tricks

Before discussing video interview tips and tricks, let’s know the environment and suitable space for you before appearing in the interview. You should find a quiet and clean place where you can focus fully on the interviewer’s questions.

Stay calm and composed during the interview, do not stress, and be dedicated to the scenario to hit the opportunity.

Now, moving ahead with the tips and tricks which will be helpful for you during your interview and make it effective and successful.

Prepare For An In-Person Interview

As your interview will be over online through video, it doesn’t mean that you are free to choose your comfort. You still need to be ready with the same preparation you wanted in an offline, personal interview.

Apart from the interview mode, everything will be the same—your questions, preparation, and way of delivery and judging. So be well-prepared as you would for an in-person interview to make this virtual video interview effective and successful.

Dress To Impress

It doesn’t change any scenario of your dressing when you appear in the video interview. Still, you need to tie your tie tight!

You should dress perfectly in formals to grab the attention of the interviewer. You should be dressed up perfectly to show that you are always ready for the work in such a situation. In that way impress the interviewer through non-verbal attitudes. Apply for jobs in Orangeburg South Carolina.

Test Your Tech

As we know, the base of the video interviews is the internet and its good connection. So, it will be better if you test your technology twice before your main interview.

No one is responsible for any technical glitch, but losing your connection between interviews would create a bad impression on the interviewer. And nowadays, working from home is in trend. Through a video interview, the interviewer also examines whether the candidate has a good and stable internet connection at home or not to continue with the office’s work in case selected.

Set Up Your Shot

As the interview will be through an Online mode, try to set up the shot accordingly in a pleasant way. Choose a place with a quiet environment, attractive layout, and clear background. It creates a positive impact on your interviewer and provides positivity to you as well while giving answers.

Don’t Sit Too Far Or Too Close

As while in an In-person interview, there is some specific arrangement so as same as for video interview you should make proper arrangements accordingly so that it becomes easy and similar for you and interviewer to move ahead. Try to fix your camera prior to the interview by observing yourself in front of it. Fix it with proper distance, don’t sit too far or too close to the camera during the interview.

Prep For Optimal Eye Contact

To make a good connection, you should have proper eye contact with the speaker. And in the video interview, you can make proper eye contact with someone while looking at the camera straightforwardly.

 Try to prepare your shot with a proper camera and mic system to avoid any kind of disturbance during the interview.

Check For Glare

Before the final interview, you should fix all the glares so that the interviewer can’t face distractions while interviewing. The best way is to remove all the lamps, accessories, pieces of jewellery, and any kind of direct light which falls on the camera or your laptop.

It is one of the best tips to make the background relevant, clean, and fruitful.

Practice Your Skills

It becomes awkward and strange for many people while chatting over video with someone for the first time or by looking at yourself while talking with someone. So, try to practice your video calling with someone to avoid disturbance.

It supports your way of flow and gives you a base to reflect upon. You should always practice your video interview skills ahead of time.

Pay Attention To How You Sound, Too

Usually, people focus on how they look while video callings and forget to look upon how they sound, which is vital because most of your interview depends upon your answers, reflection, and verbal communication.

Before the interview, try to observe yourself regarding the sound system, volume check, and proper internet connection so that you can grab the opportunity without any stoppage in between.

Write Out A Few Notes – But Refer To Them As Little As possible

Nowadays, I have observed that the level of hesitation is low compared to an in-person interview. Because when you appear for an Interview from your home, you have your desk with your stuff. The interviewer just looks up at your face, front background, and your gestures, nothing else. So, people prefer to keep their notes with them during the interview. But!

You should keep a short and crispy note to just refer not for reading because it very much matters how you are presenting and where you are looking while pursuing from home. So, be prepared and avoid reading notes.

Minimise Interruptions

We all know that a home environment and a workplace environment are different. But you should try to set your interview at a place at home where you find very few interruptions so that everything goes in a flow.

You should choose a place with less disturbance and no interruptions. Use a space you can shut your door and no one behind you during an interview.

Show Up – A Few Minutes Early

While appearing in a video interview, you should appear before the time of the interview on screen. If the time is 3 pm, you should not appear at 3 or 2:59 pm. You should appear on the Screen 5 to 10 minutes prior to the interview to check out all the hurdles and expectations of problems.

Fiz your laptop by closing all the other tabs windows before appearing for it.

Start With A Digital Handshake

As things change digitally, try to implement the scenarios only. When you enter any interview through a video session, start it with a digital handshake and hello symbol for dignity and greetings. It will create a friendly and comfortable environment for you and the interviewer to start with ease.

Acknowledge The Differences

One cannot ignore the difference between an in-person interview and a video interview. So, it’s okay to acknowledge the differences in front of your interviewer to maintain a flow.

If you cannot listen or see him, then it’s better to highlight rather than hide to avoid any further disturbance that can directly affect your interview and career.

Try to be open on a professional basis to grab more.

Maintain Good Posture

It always matters how to sit and look in an interview, whether it is over physical mode or online mode. So, keep a good posture; your backbone should be straight and look forward towards the camera. Acknowledging the works means listening with a nodding head and saying “yes.”

It has a positive impact.

Use Your Face To Show Your Engagement

Similar to verbal communication, non-verbal communication also matters for any effective communication, and nothing can be more stimulated than your facial expressions. So, try to utilize facial expressions in the best manner. Use nodding head for acknowledging yes and effective exchange of talks.

Highlight with your face that you are getting things clearly and effectively.

Let The Other Person Finish Speaking

It is also the best advice for you in life to listen more. Don’t interrupt someone in between; try to listen to him entirely and then react and reflect well by considering things perfectly.

In video interviews, due to internet connection and net lag, it occurs at another moment on your screen when someone finishes. So make your mind patient and convenient, let the interviewer finish the talk, and then continue relatively.

Signal When Your Answers Are Complete

Over a Video interview, it might happen that the proper delivery and way of completion lag in between. So try to nod your head or, of course, by concluding your statement that the answer is finished.

Keeping a long silence can make an awkward situation during an interview, so avoid it and make your interview an effective one through online mode.

Explain Any Long Pauses

During the video interview, the Interviewer can’t have an eye properly on you. So, try to avoid any long pauses. If something happens like that, then cover it with an acknowledgment that you were jotting down notes regarding various information or just convert the way of explanation into a question to make it familiar.

Treat Your Video Interview Like A Conversation

It is the last but key tip to make an Interview successful. Over video interviews, you will be stuck with a particular time foundation with sets of questions. So try to convert the interview into a conversation to explain more things about you and yourself.

During the video interviews, you don’t get time prior to or after the interview to connect with or meet with. So, create a discussion during your original interview to make a good connection and 100% selection scenario with your interviewer.

Follow these 20 tips and tricks to excel in a video interview. Just try to apply it and go on with your flow. The best opportunity is waiting for you.

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