Top 5 Reasons Why Apple Pencil Is Really Worth Buying

Top 5 Reasons Why Apple Pencil Is Really Worth Buying

There are many different types of touch-sensitive styluses on the market, but Apple Pencil is the must-have gadget for various uses when it comes to both work and school projects. You should buy it if you’re looking for an efficient and helpful tool that can help you do your work better and faster. Apple pencil is a slim and lightweight stylus that has the most advanced features for designers or artists to work on their tablets, who have to zoom in and out all the time. It is used with the iPad and iPad Pro devices to save more time for productivity.

You may visit any Apple mobile store in Kolkata for buying the most recent Apple Pencil device. This device creates an experience-embodied interface, unlike any stylus. Its purpose is to create an unrivaled drawing and painting experience by harnessing innovative technologies. Apple pencil was first launched in the year 2015 with iPad pro. One of the best features of this Apple device is in software as it automatically recognizes when an iPad is turned off or needs more battery life and goes into a power-saving mode which is helpful.


To those times when accuracy is seen as the primary key- at the time of sketching out a logo, drawing a detailed picture- Apple Pencil delivers unparalleled precision and fluidity. With palm rejection technology you won’t ever have to worry about smudging work done with this tool either. It would be the best decision to buy top-of-the-line Apple accessories from an authorized Apple reseller and the llounge store is the perfect place for you to choose the right accessories for your device and avail a better product experience as well.


Since it has been launched, Apple Pencil has made a big difference for iPad drawing and designing. It is like an artist’s paintbrush, which allows them to draw or write on their screen as they would in real life. Apple pencil gives you a lot more flexibility than the normal iPad stylus. It has fine tips that offer customer control. It can be also easily charged wirelessly by attaching to the iPad itself. From education and business to creativity and entertainment, you can use Apple Pencil to easily capture ideas on the go. Here, we will take a look at the features of the Apple Pencil.





Features of Apple Pencil:

Advanced Technology

Apple’s Pencil advances the technology of drawing on a tablet to a new level. The Apple Pencil technology has been engineered literally from the ground up so that it’s an extension of your hand. This means that you can confidently draw around all the edges of objects with increased precision and accuracy in your drawings. Gestures like shading, blending, and smudging can be done at an intuitive level simply by applying more pressure or moving faster across the screen.

Lifelike Sensitivity

Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity allows users to draw precisely, like using real-life materials. It also has a variety of shading and tip control interfaces, propelling users to new levels in their skills. The Apple Pencil will allow you to draw with an impressive level of accuracy. It detects pressure as well as temperature and responds accordingly. This means that when pressing harder, the lines are darker, and sketching feels more realistic. The quality of the pressure sensitivity is truly outstanding, and it can be used on a variety of different surfaces so you’re not limited to just paper.

Easy Switch

Apple pencil is a versatile tool that helps creatives to produce notations. The most common feature is line thickness as it gives users a sense of depth and dimensionality while they use their pencil. When you’re done using the Pencil, there’s no need to put it back on your iPad because every touch has been recognized by the device for its two highly sensitive sensors. You can switch easily between the window finder and Smart Draw mode using the Smart Draw-landing circle. This allows you to use different applications in a productive way, free of constraint.

Customizable Eraser

Apple Pencil is a stylus that can be used with the iPad to create artwork and design. On an up-close view of the Apple Pencil, you’ll see the eraser on top. The eraser works automatically so there’s no need to pull it out separately or to plug in a separate device. You just slide your finger on the screen over the mark you want to erase to use this feature for undoing the mistakes.

No Fingerprint Smudges

One of the most noticeable aspects is that you no longer have to worry about smudging the screen with your fingers. It’s a serious problem for people who use phones or devices with large screens that are active all day long. The sleek and ultra-thin stylus comes with a hard, no-resistance tip coated in anti-glare material with built-in sensors that measure force and tilt. The Fine Point version is accurate for drawing, note-taking, and more precise work. It helps prevent any smudges on the screen by providing a way to naturally glide over it from even sharper angles.


The engineers of this stylus were deeply committed to designing this for making the workflow smoother. It’s worth buying for all your tablet needs and will make your experience easier to work on your iPad screen. If you’re a digital artist or a creator, do add this magic wand to your collection.


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