Top MiM Colleges in USA 2022

Top MiM Colleges in USA 2022

In the United States, the Master of Management is not as common as it is in Europe. Over the last 5-6 years, however, several colleges throughout the world have incorporated this fast-increasing degree in their portfolio. HULT, Thunderbird, and Duke were among the first institutions in the United States to offer a Master in Management degree, but the degree is currently offered by more than 50 schools under various names.

The United States is the most preferred option while picking a country to pursue your master’s degree. American business schools are best suited to prepare students to become future corporate market leaders since their curriculum is always evolving and developing. The use of sophisticated pedagogy and well-trained instructors are major factors in putting the country at the top of the list of countries with the greatest educational system. Let’s look at some of the top MiM colleges in USA 2022 given below:

Stern Business School

Stern School was created in 1900 and was formerly named the School of Business, Accounting, and Finance. It is also a part of New York Institution, a private university in New York, United States of America. Furthermore, Stern is one of the best business undergraduate universities in the country.

The Stern School of Business has a highly selective admission rate of about 8%, with over 12,500 applications each year competing for 600 places split across many undergraduate programs. Furthermore, the school serves a total of 2,690 students, who are taught by approximately 200 outstanding faculty members. Foreign students from more than 47 nations attend the university. Stern graduates get a starting yearly salary of USD 75,828 and are ranked first in employability.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management was established in 1914 as the school’s business school. With 30,200 alumni-funded businesses, the university’s rapidly rising entrepreneurship culture is highly regarded. In addition, the MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the country’s most prestigious business schools. Moreover, the school is committed to its mission of generating ethical and creative participants who can deliver unique management concepts.

A number of bachelor’s, master’s, and graduate degree programs, as well as executive leadership programs, are available at the university. School services are carefully chosen and consistently receive high marks from respectable organizations. Furthermore, university programs like the Master of Finance and the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA draw up to 85% and 81 percent international students, respectively. In addition, the organization oversees 53 public and private cooperation in six continents.

Also, with an admittance rate of only 11.5 percent, the college is a highly competitive institution. Any applicant with a strong GPA and a solid overall profile that includes a CV/resume, letters of recommendation, a declaration of interest, and a GRE score has a good chance of being accepted to the university.

Finally, graduates have founded well-known companies such as PillPack, InVivo Therapeutics, Zipcar, and so on among others. Additionally, some Fortune 500 firms, like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook Pfizer, and a few others, have their respective offices in Cambridge that offer students post-graduation opportunities.

MIM at Stanford University

Stanford has been a location where all academics can engage in research, inquiry, and innovation since its founding. Stanford has always placed a premium on first-hand experience. Furthermore, substantial funding enables undergraduates to derive satisfaction from a range of economic sources, as well as equality in knowledge and opportunity.

Stanford University is also in the center of Northern California’s bustling Silicon Valley, which is home to cutting-edge companies such as Yahoo!, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and a plethora of others founded and run by Stanford alumni and faculty. Stanford is a multiracial institution, with students hailing from all 48 US states as well as 77 other nations.

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School, one of the world’s most famous graduate business schools, attracts students from all over the world and boasts about 44,000 alumni. This prestigious US Education System university also offers a number of highly regarded and unique business programs, including an MBA, a Master of Science in Accounting and Fundamental Research, a Master of Science in Financial Economics, and a Master of Science in Marketing Science, among others.

In addition, the institute receives over 6,000 applications each year, but only 18% of them are accepted. Finally, this reflects the school’s low admittance rate, which means there is no compromise on the quality of education provided, making it one of the most selective educational institutions in the United States.

MIM at Kellogg School of Management

Kellogg Management School is a world-class management school dedicated to developing, training, and equipping future generations of leaders. It originated as a Northwestern University school in 1908 and has since grown into a center for commercial innovation, cutting-edge science, and a diverse range of opinions on global economic concerns. As a result, it has established itself as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States.

It was also the first school in the country to offer a one-year MBA program. Accounting Knowledge & Administration, Entrepreneurship & Creativity, Finance, Theoretical Finance, Human Capital Management, and International Business are among the school’s 18 key fields of study. Furthermore, almost 95% of graduates find successful job possibilities within three months of graduation. Likewise, admissions are offered in a rotating series of intakes with different deadlines for different programs, throughout the year. Candidates should also pay a non-refundable fee during the time of submission of their application forms, depending on the course they choose.


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