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Wavlink WiFi Extender Keeps Going Offline? Let’s Fix It

Nowadays, Wavlink WiFi extenders are used by millions of people around the world. With the assistance of an extender, you can boost the existing network throughout the house. If you are looking for a source that enhances the home network with fast-blazing internet speed, then opt for the Wavlink extender.

However, it is seen that many users suffer from the Wavlink extender keeps going offline issue. If you also suffer from the same issue and want to get rid of it then you have to come to the right place. In this post, we will give you some Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips so that you can resolve the problem and enjoy uninterrupted services from the extender again.

So, we suggest you don’t waste your time and implementing all the solutions mentioned correctly.

First, we would like to introduce you to the reasons that cause this issue so that you will be able to understand the issue properly and solve it hassle-free. So, let’s start!

Reasons: Wavlink Extender Keeps Going Offline

Several possible reasons drag your device to keep going offline again and again. All the related reasons are mentioned below. You just need to walk through them carefully.

  • Insufficient power supply.

  • No internet connection.

  • Firmware is corrupt.

  • Technical glitches.

  • Damaged Ethernet and power cable.

Thus, these are the possible factors that cause this issue. You can resolve this issue on your own. You just need effective and suitable solutions.

Fix:  Wavlink Extender Keeps Going Offline

There are plenty of solutions that solve this issue. But, we discussed only a few of them which are most effective and easy to perform. All the hacks are explained below in detail. You need to read out all of them and implement them according to your situation.

Restart the Extender

There is a possibility that your device has become the victim of technical glitches. Because it is seen that due to temporary hiccups, the extender suffers from issues. So, we recommend you reboot your device as soon as you can. By restarting the device, you will remove all the technical glitches and save your extender from the issues. If you don’t know how to reboot the extender then you can follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Initially, you need to cut off the power supply.

  • Remove the extender from the power socket.

  • You need to wait for some time.

  • Put the extender back into the power source and press the turn-on button.

Now, you should check your device to make sure the issue is resolved or not. If not? Then don’t panic, we have another hack for you that you can follow. So keep reading!

Update Firmware

If you are still stuck in the same issue then you need to check the firmware version of your device as it is seen that the old version of firmware does not support the network features and creates issues. If you find that your firmware is outdated then you need to perform the Wavlink firmware update process by accessing the default web address of the extender.

Remove WiFi Interference

You can also face this issue due to WiFi interference. If your extender is installed near the home appliance then you need to change the place of your extender. Because devices like Bluetooth speakers, smart TV, microwaves, and washing machines have electromagnetic waves and create issues with signal transmission.

Close Extender and Router

You need to check the distance between the extender and the router. If your devices are placed at an excessive distance from each other then you need to take them close. Devices need to communicate properly with each other for better outcomes.

Check the Cable Connections

Now you need to check out the cable connections if you use the Ethernet cable to connect the extender and router. You need to ensure that the Ethernet cable should not be damaged or broken. Cable ends are properly inserted into the Ethernet ports.

Thus, these are the hacks that you need to perform at your convenience.


Now, you know how to fix the Wavlink extender that keeps going offline. You just need to follow the mentioned instructions without skipping.  We hope any one of the above- mentioned steps will help you.



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