What advantages do PDF images have over Bitmap images?

What advantages do PDF images have over Bitmap images?

PDF images are a great way to create a professional look without worrying about the size of your files. They can be scaled up or down without any loss of quality or clarity and can be printed on just about any printer. Bitmap images – On the other hand – are another option, but they don’t have quite the same advantages as PDFs. Bitmap images are created by taking an image and then converting it into pixels used to create it. They are generally limited to using certain colors and can’t be scaled up or down without losing quality. So, before making use of a PDF to bitmap converter tool, learn about the perks of PDFs over bitmapped images—especially regarding SEO and conversion rates. Read on!

Top 5 advantages of PDF images over Bitmap images

As images are the most crucial elements of the digital aura – people always want to compare different image formats to know what can be the best fit. As PDF and Bitmap images have been added as two competing entities for content, we all want to know how PDFs have more perks than the other. Below, we have gathered some clear benefits of PDF images over Bitmap images. Scroll down and put a flash on:

Size Compatibility:

PDF images are of high quality that compresses images without leading to a loss in quality and rendering process. One of the clear reasons why PDF images are way more beneficial than Bitmap images is the size compatibility. Bitmap images are large, specifically if the image holds many color combos. However, one can consider data compression features, but it might shrink pixel data size, affecting quality and diverting the reading and displaying process. While PDF images – on the other hand – are compact, making the images easy to load and display.


Increased Scalability:

Yet another advantage of PDFs over Bitmap images is they are easy to scale. Generally, reducing an image’s pixels can unacceptably alter the image. That is why bitmap files must be printed at the decisiveness in which they were initially stored. As a result, they do not scale pretty well. However, PDFs, on the other hand, are far better. They can be compressed and decimated without any loss of quality and pixels. And they can also be scaled in almost every sphere without the user facing any disputes.

Graphic Integrity:

We often face situations where people don’t get or see the same version of the content we have shared with them. And this is because of the change in the operating system or software in which a person is  viewing your sent files. Well, that’s exactly what happens – when you send Bitmap images. They can easily change in size, display, and layout, which might create frustration. Well! PDF image file – on the other hand – is a digital document that can be read by any operating system, device, or software application. A PDF image can contain text and graphics of any size, color, and resolution that will present in the same way you have shared it. So, consider this point another perk of PDF images over Bitmap images.

More Convenience

PDF images are convenient. They are a great option if you want to share your images online. While Bitmap images, on the other hand, are also easy to use and share, sometimes, when you need to go with a batch sending process, Bitmap images might become a mess to deal with. PDF files are the best way to share images, especially if you have a plethora of images that have to be shared online. It’s also a great way to get your images into the world without worrying about them being stolen or misused. So, when considering convenience and comfort, you should go with PDF images – as they can make you feel more secure and optimized.


PDFs are a great format for storing and sharing information, especially when you want to create more than one copy of a document. It lets you have multiple versions of it at once. They can also be viewed in several different ways, even at the same time. For example, you can zoom in and out on a page of a PDF, or you can rotate it. You can also change the viewing angle for an image. It allows users to view the same page from different angles and perspectives.

Final Verdict

Using images in your work can help you in many ways. They’re great to go with in many work areas that Bitmap images can’t. But ultimately, determining the best format for your images depends on your particular needs. Both image formats have their differences, but both have their advantages and disadvantages. They complement each other and help create user experiences that become more and more interactive as time goes on. But one way or another, people will always use both in their work. So, know the perks and differences and consider what suits you.


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