What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking UPSC coaching in Delhi only?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking UPSC coaching in Delhi only?

Delhi is a known hub for Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi as we have Kota a hub for IIT and Medical coaching. Believe it or not, this fact is not going to change – That UPSC Coaching in Delhi produce toppers for UPSC. There are some examples of aspirants who have cracked without coming to Delhi for coaching but their number is so less that they can only be counted as exceptions or special students.

In general, if you can afford to come to Delhi, you should defiantly go to Delhi for preparation. The environment, aspirants get in Delhi (talking of the positive environment) is something which adds to the zeal for preparation.

Actually, UPSC preparation is a very behavioral preparation, which needs a strong version of the aspirant who can actually face any circumstances. And Delhi make you learn to cop up with those situations.

Here, I am going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of taking UPSC coaching in Delhi.

Advantages of Taking coaching in Delhi.

  1. You get a good and competitive environment in a classroom program, where you can see and feel the real time competition, which is a need for this examination. The classes taken in a crowd with a healthy discussion of the syllabus can help you to develop your thought process in multiple dimensions. You have a lot of subjects in the UPSC Syllabus, which actually tells you the demands of UPSC that they are looking for a multilevel thinking person who can actually give best to the nation during the services.
  • You can get study library where you can get a good sitting habit. A long sitting habit is a must need for this exam. You can develop it in competition with other students. The best of you can come in the blast furnace.
  • You can get some very good daily based self-evaluation answer writing series or courses by going daily to the coaching and attempting the daily mains answer writing sessions. One of these answer writing sessions are – STEPS and SUGAM – Daily mains Answer Writing Course by EDEN IAS. This is one of the best coaching where you can get a very strategic preparation. I am taking the reference of this coaching as it is the most joined coaching for the revision batches, ethics – essay and Answer writing.
  • You can get the study material easily and updated.
  • You can be more connected to the mentors.

Disadvantages of taking UPSC Coaching in Delhi.

Taking UPSC Coaching in Delhi becomes a disadvantage, when you don’t take a good care of yourself, also you don’t get proper food and home like environment as you are away from home. Apart from it there are no big disadvantages.

If you really want to achieve something in your life, it needs some sacrifices. Nobody regrates for being in Delhi after selection, it’s up to you how you make this journey a memorable one.

How do we cover daily answer writing practice for UPSC Mains 2022?

EDEN IAS STEPS follows a unique pattern taking every single day of the week as a daily answer writing challenge for the IAS Mains 2022.

The Mains Answer Writing strategy is as follows: The aspirant would get 4 questions covering the areas of the syllabus on the basis of a given day and provided a part of the syllabus by the faculty. Answer writing evaluation within 75 hrs along with the best copy of the day and Model answers for self-evaluation and comparison; at the end of the week, there will be a discussion of all the GS questions by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary.

How do UPSC aspirants waste their time while preparing?

  1. It is a matter of counting chickens prior to their hatching and planning extravagant reforms for the nation that they’ll implement once they’re an official. They don’t take the time changing their lives to accommodate the requirements And Find Near By Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi
  2. Proudly showing off. Informing the entire world that they’re preparing for UPSC. As if preparing itself is a profession that comes with the benefit of a monthly salary!
  3. Concentrating more on taking revenge on people, by turning into a “Sarkar Babu” as opposed to GS optional and essay.
  4. Doing their best to live a hard life with a lot of force. Poor lifestyle, shabby hair eating junk food, etc. In order to convince the world and self-that’s is on’. This is a huge waste of time.
  5. They test OneNote, Evernote, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and many more. They install every app which has related to UPSC. It’s no surprise that cooking too many cooks ruin the broth.
  6. Spending time and effort to research questions such as ‘Will I be able to pass UPSC even if I’m an average or average-performing student? “Is UPSC very tough?”, “Will my grades from graduation affect my performance in Interview?”, etc.
  7. It is a matter of putting hours and days into discussions on online forums. It seems that it is the “goal” is be known and well-known on a particular platform. I’ve seen people who devote entire days to these platforms only to say “UPSC doesn’t pay for effort’ after the results are released.
  8. The purchase of every test series including coaching materials including books, pens notebooks, and everything else which is discussed in one of the interviews with toppers. Some take to purchasing shirts, trousers, and sheets of the same colour/material used by toppers.


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