What is AWS? Important AWS Services

What is AWS? Important AWS Services

What is AWS? AWS is a platform that offers a variety of reliable, flexible, accessible, simple-to-use, and affordable cloud-based computing solutions.

AWS provides a user-friendly computing platform supplied through Amazon. The forum was created with the help of an amalgamation of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), also known as platforms as a service (PaaS), together with packaged software as service (SaaS) services.

You can pick the solutions you require and only pay for the same AWS services you need, which results in less cost of capital and quicker time to value, without sacrificing the performance of your application or the user experience. After reading this article you will know about What is AWS?


Important AWS Services

Amazon Web Services offers various cloud-based products for business. These include databases, storage, and analytics tools used to develop mobile networks and enterprise apps built on the pay-as-you-go pricing system.

Here are essential AWS services.


AWS Compute Services

This is Amazon offered a complete list of Cloud Compute Services:

  1. EC2: EC2 It is one of the EC2 virtual machines located by the AWS cloud. You can enjoy OS degrees in management.
  2. EKS: The tool allows you to Kubernetes within the Amazon cloud without installing.
  3. Lambda: This AWS service lets you complete tasks using cloud-based solutions. This can be significant in terms of cost-effectiveness for you since it allows you to be charged only when the work is completed.
  4. Elastic Beanstalk: The tool permits automated deployment and provisioning of resources, like creating a highly scalable production website.


Security Services

  1. IAM: IAM is a secure cloud-based security solution that allows users to control their access, assign policies, make groups manage many users.
  2. Inspector: is an agent that could be added to your computer, which will alert you to any security weaknesses.
  3. KMS: This security tool lets you make and manage encrypted keys, allowing you to safeguard your information. Organizations You can join AWS accounts together by using this service, which will enable you to control the security and automation settings.
  4. WAF: WAF security is security for the application. It allows users to block SQL injection and stop the cross-site scripting attack.
  5. Macie: It is a security solution that aids in protecting and identifying the sensitive and critical data you store.
  6. Cloud Directory: This service lets you build flexible directories on the cloud which manage the data structure across different dimensions.
  7. GuardDuty: It’s a tool for detecting threats to guard your AWS accounts and your work.



Management Services

  1. CloudWatch: Cloud Watch lets you monitor AWS environments, including EC2, RDS instances, and CPU utilization. Cloud watches can also set alarms following different indicators.
  2. CloudFormation: It’s a method that transforms cloud-based infrastructure. It’s possible to use templates to build a complete production environment in just several minutes.
  3. OpsWorks: The service allows for the automation of deployments for Chef/Puppets in the AWS setting.
  4. CloudTrail: It’s an easy way to audit AWS resources. It helps you record each change.
  5. Config: The HTML0 AWS service can monitor the settings of your PC. The software will notify you of modifications if you don’t adhere to the instructions for settings.
  6. Service Catalog; This service aids large companies in determining which services to use and which won’t.


Application Services

  1. Step Functions: It’s a means to see what’s happening in your application and the microservices it’s utilizing.
  2. SWF: The service lets you control both automated and human-led tasks.
  3. SNS: This service is used to notify you by SMS and email that are made up of AWS Services.
  4. Elastic Transcoder: This is an AWS service tool that allows users to change both the format and resolution of videos to adapt to different devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and tablets that have other answers.


Developer Tool Sevices

  1. CodeStar: Lodestar offers a cloud-based service that allows managing the development and collaborating on different software development projects hosted on AWS.
  2. CodeBuild: It is a great way to get started. Amazon developer service can assist you in writing and building codes of your own.
  3. CodePipeline: It aids in developing the procedure for deployment, including creating, testing, and authentication, and the deployment to the environment of growth.
  4. Cloud9: The cloud platform provides the Integrated Development Environment for writing and running your program on the cloud.


Mobile Services

  1. Mobile Hub: This allows you to integrate design, configuration, and other appropriate features for mobile applications.
  2. Cognito allows users to sign up by using their details as a social network.
  3. AWS AppSyn: The service is managed completely. GraphQL service that offers the ability to sync data in real-time and offline programming capabilities.
  4. Device Farm: Device farm will assist in increasing the performance of your applications through testing mobile devices.
  5. Migration Services: Migration services aid in moving information physically between the data center you work with and AWS.
  6. Snowball: Snowball is a tiny program that lets you transfer large amounts of data inside and outside the  AWS. AWS space.
  7. DMS: DMS service is a way to move databases on your website to AWS. It allows you to move between one type of database or type to another.
  8. SMS: Service for SMS Migration permit you to move servers on your premises to AWS swiftly and efficiently.


Storage Services

Amazon Glacier: It’s an affordable storage service that is highly economical. It’s safe and provides quick storage for backup and archive of data.

EBS: It is a block-level storage solution that could be used with Amazon rds instances EC2. Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes are connected to the internet but are not dependent on cases.

AWS Storage Gateway: The HTML0 AWS service lets on-premises software join cloud storage. It provides secure connections between the on-premise storage of the business as well as AWS’s infrastructure for storage.


More in the AWS world beyond what the most concise guide  What is AWS? can define. A thorough understanding of the basics will help you expand your business’s infrastructure to the cloud, build a new system, and master the art of keeping records of information to ensure security and compliance.

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