What Is Captcha and Why You Need to Use Anti Captcha?

What Is Captcha and Why You Need to Use Anti Captcha?

It is estimated that almost 200 million Captcha are solved every day around the internet and it will keep rising as the number of users’ increases. They are one of the best internet security measures and do effectively that users often need to use anti Captcha which is a Captcha solving service. However, even with this much effectiveness, several users will be wondering that how well Captcha will be doing if they opt for Captcha security on their forum or website or if they should even opt for Captcha as a security measure for their webpage, blog, or forum. Here is what you should be reading about.

What Is A Captcha Form?

Captcha is the acronym that stands for ‘completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart and these are series of tests to run by the AI to make sure that the user behind the screen is a human user or a bot. It is a test that will be helpful in distinguishing ad making sure no bots will harm the online experience. They are the best way not to receive the spam for the website that is often a case with the website where they get spam through contact forums and comment sections.

How does Captcha Form look like?

The original Captcha tests were in the form of square or rectangular boxes in the late ’90s where distorted letters and numbers. These letters were usually blurred, distorted, or wrapped and then the users will be asked to decipher what is in that image and once they identify, they will need to input in the form, and to continue further they will need to pass the tests correctly. Over time, different types of Captcha tests were introduced such as there will be Captcha where they will be given a series of pictures and will be asked to choose one image of the object correctly or an image with grids with different but similar objects to choose according to text such as traffic lights, bridges, fire hydrant or mountains. Some of them may come where users will have to pick the one specific word from a given piece of text and that text will usually come from a scanned image of a real page, text, or some publications. Some Captcha will look like math’s basic equation such as “6+7=?” and some Captcha types will just be the audio Captcha for people with vision disorders.

ReCaptcha is another offering in recent times from Google where the technology and methodology are a bit different and more on convenience level for users. Usually, the Recaptcha will analyze the user’s behavior or interaction with the page and decide if the user is actually a human user or a bot and they don’t offer any complex form like Captcha so no harsh complaints from users as they have to opt for anti captcha API and it saves their time by giving them convenience. But there is a catch. If the behavior of the user is more like a normal human then there won’t be any Captcha to fill by the users at all. So it is more like a trigger security response. However, you will still be provided with the tick box to confirm “I am not a robot”. If there is any suspicious activity found then you will have to solve the Captcha test.

How Does Captcha Work?

Even at an advanced level of technology at this time, artificial inelegance lacks the skill of thinking. On another hand, human minds are born with natural skills of processing information regarding patterns, colors, and objects. This is the reason why the Captcha test can discriminate between human users and bots based on this information. The Captcha or AI is programmed by humans to learn about different numbers, letters, patterns, and objects so Captcha mostly works on the information provided by the other human users so if there are wrong answers about the tree where humans have programmed it to think it mountain then it will consider your answer wrong because of lack of think ability.

Why Captcha Is Essential For Your Blog Or Website?

A number of website, blog, or forum owners will wonder if they should implement Captcha on their website or page then here is why would be a great decision.

  • For the integrity of the online polls where hackers can manipulate the results by using bots and spread false information regarding the poll
  • Online accounts are often the target of brute force attacks where hackers rapidly try to log in by using any method that they know especially using multiple passwords.
  • The creation of multiple accounts by using bots is a quite common practice by hackers where they will create multiple email accounts to use for nefarious purposes.
  • Free comment sections are targeted by spammers to post dodgy comments with links to their information can be stopped by Captcha.
  • The ticket touting is an act of collecting tickets online then selling at high pricing for special events by using robots which can be eliminated through Captcha as well.
  • Captcha can make online Shopping Secure.

Use of anti Captcha and Captcha

If you don’t know, the anti Captcha is a Captcha solving service that is widely used to solve Captcha and charges a little amount of one Captcha solving. It was at first was quite an expansive service that was used by organizations and businesses at a large scale but these days now it is much easier to get this service for any individual at fraction of a cost. It also uses human inelegance to get the Captcha solved and will help you to bypass Captcha that is hard to solve for normal human users. Though the use of 2captcha is pretty common to solve Captcha this doesn’t mean that it has affected the performance of Captcha and most of the time only real users will opt for that because spammers are often looking for free resources so they are less likely to go for a paid service for spamming


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