What is ecotourism in Faro And Why Is It Important?

The importance of ecotourism in the world is explained by the necessity to build nice relationships between humanity and nature. The goal of nature-based trips is different from traditional tourism – giving the motivation to appreciate the environment and popularize the natural wonders worldwide, especially in faraway regions. Faro is located in the southernmost part of Portugal and offers lots of locations for an eco-tour. This small town is famous for beautiful architecture and beautiful nature – amazing adventurous spots. So, in this article, you will learn detailed information about them and take a small guide of the most popular ones to start planning your next trip.

Why is ecotourism different?

Ecotourism is the more responsible way of traveling, in case you are supposed to cause a minimal impact on the environment. TIES defined three main purposes – conversing with the environment of natural areas, education by sharing local culture and contributing to the welfare of locals. During vacations with nature, visitors should ensure that they bring reusable food ware and follow a guide who knows how to protect the environment. Usage of local transportation and recycling are also needed. 

Faro specializes mostly in underwater ecotourism but also has amazing spots to explore around and outside the city. Consider the “hire a car” option to build a flexible schedule and be completely free in where to go. Faro airport car hire from Rental24.co.uk proposes fair prices for their range of cars, making rentals available for any wallet. Now let’s have a look at ecotours activities in Faro. 

Ecotours that merit your consideration

Bird Watching and Historical Tour

Ria Formosa Natural Park was established as one of the most important objects with a unique ecosystem for bird and aquatic life in Portugal. Even if you are not a bird lover, you’ll enjoy observing nature and local ecological activities within 1.5 h – the park is a big feeding station and nesting location for more than 30,000 species in winter. In the second part of the tour guide shows tourists what the locals do – salt extraction, for example. They are using 2000 years old methods for making products, but it isn’t the only interesting thing to do, there is also a big fleet with boats equipped with traditional fishing artifacts. Ideal for relaxing and educational adventures. 

Sunset Boat Trip of Ria Formosa

An eco-friendly boat tour is an option for a romantic journey, which sets out from the picturesque Marina of Faro, where lies the sculpture in the inscription form – letters develop in the name of the city, the beloved spot for photography. After arriving there, an experienced skipper will invite you on the quiet solar-powered boat to soak up the awesome sunset views. It is limited only to ten people, but obviously, worth it – an onboard through the wonderful lagoon and its fantastic channels while watching the Old Town of Faro is pure relaxation. This is a great intimate trip with friends, family and lovers. 

The Ria Formosa Islands Tour

To observe the ecosystem of the Ria Formosa Natural Park half-day cruise will be the best option to take. Explore the huge variety of beaches, see life in beautiful villages, and check out the lighthouse and other natural wonders on the way to Barrier Islands, where the vessel turns around to come back to Olhao, passing the fishing harbor and tuna factories. There will be a stop in Culatara, a fishermen’s village where visitors are able to go to local restaurants to try delicious cuisine. Staying in Faro for a long time? Look at others’ attractions below. 

The best places to attend in Faro

Museu Municipal

A must-see cultural paradise provides exhibits of different times and presents them in a chronological sequence from the Romantic era to the 19th century. It is a popular field study venue, so you can easily meet the students while enjoying discovering artifacts. One of the most impressive exhibits is a Roman floor mosaic featuring a fierce-looking Neptune which dates back to the 3rd century AD, so just imagine how majestic it looks. Think about checking car hire offers for comfortable transportation around the city and being free from schedules to visit more places.

Forum Algarve

Let yourself relax and do shopping after intensive traveling days – Forum Algarve is a perfect place for nice purchases and tasty meals. Begin with strolling 100+ shops including brands, clothes boutiques and actually everything that is possible to find. There are also a lot of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world, so it is also a nice idea to come if it dares to rain during the walk. Parking is free, so cars for hire will cost you less. 


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