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What is the Scope Of Applying for an Australian Student Visa

Australia allows all Indian students to study in Australia provided they must have a study permit visa to enter the country. A study visa is important to pursue higher studies in any Australian educational institution. But the type of student visa you need is based on your course, type of study, and how long is your study duration. As an international student, you are required to obtain a Subclass 500 visa, regardless of your study field and more.


What is an Australian Subclass 500 Visa?


Subclass 500 visa comes into effect on July 1, 2016, which ensures that students can stay in Australia based on their study duration. The maximum time to stay in the country is upto 5 years which is in line with your enrollment date. However, for a smooth stay in Australia, your study visa must be valid and it must abide by all the conditions mentioned in the visa. You can seek more by connecting with our study abroad consultant in Mumbai about the type of visa.


Scope of Australia Subclass 500 Visa


Students before coming for studying must need to apply for an Australia student visa application from India to get their visa on time. Some of the scopes of having a study visa is


  • You can enrol in the desired institution, program and courses.
  • You can also accompany family members to Australia
  • If you have dependents, they will be able to apply for a dependents visa to get permission for travel with the visa applicant.
  • Streamlined and simple requirements for the visa.
  • You can also apply for a visa both from or outside the country via online mode.


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Basic Points to Keep in Mind Before Application


To avoid any time taking process and visa rejection, you must keep some basic things in mind before starting the application.


  • Must have enrolled on a course of study in Australian institution.
  • Hold an Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of study in Australia.
  • Must be equal to or more than 16 years of age.
  • If any applicant is less than 18 years, they should provide evidence of welfare arrangements in Australia.


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Australia Student Visa Application Interview Process


Once you meet the requirements and submit the Australia student visa application from India, the documents are verified. You will receive an email or call from a visa officer regarding your visa interview. You have to undergo the Graduate Temporary Entrant visa before moving to your study destination. If in such cases, your visa officer gets satisfied with the interview, your visa application will be granted. After this, you must ensure enough funds to stay in Australia.


The Australian study visa process has to go through multiple steps, but with proper guidance and support from the best study consultants, it will be a smooth experience. It is recommended to take guidance from a registered overseas education consultants in Mumbai to make the process easier.



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