What requirements do I need to become a lifeguard?

What requirements do I need to become a lifeguard?

  • The minimum requirement to become a lifeguard is a  degree and to have lifeguard skills.
  • But, most employers prefer to hire people with a bachelor’s degree in physical education or any other related field.
  • Also, first responders must have lifeguard certification.
  • Such online programs provide certification for those who want to become certified in first aid, CPR, and basic life support.
  • To become a lifeguard chief, you must work as a lifeguard for a few years.
  • During your years as a first responder, you will gain the experience necessary to perform well as a chief responder.
  • While experience is necessary to become a chief responder, a good relationship with the hiring manager is advantageous.
  • Also, lifeguards who display some leadership attributes are preferred when applying for the position of a chief lifeguard.

What skills should a lifeguard have?

A lifeguard must possess certain essential lifeguard skills. This is because these lifeguard skills are relevant to most of your duties and responsibilities. As such, these skills also fall under the job description of a lifeguard. These are some of the skills lifeguards must possess.

#1. Problem Solving  lifeguard Skills

  • As a lifeguard, you may have to deal with emergencies on a regular basis.
  • Such situations require you to think critically and take action almost at the same time.
  • As such, a good lifeguard must possess strong problem solving skills.

#2. Teamwork skills

  • Lifeguards usually work as a team with others.
  • As such, an ideal lifeguard must possess a high team spirit.
  • Must be able to work well with others and accept the opinions of colleagues.

#3. Leadership skills

  • Typically, many people rely on lifeguards for their safety.
  • As such, you must possess relevant leadership attributes.
  • This skill is relevant to saving lives and directing the public during an emergency.

#4. physical and mental resistance

  • An ideal lifeguard should be in good physical shape; Must be able to lift heavy objects, such as swimming equipment.
  • Also, you have to be mentally and emotionally stable.
  • This is because you will be dealing with emergencies as well as administering first aid.

#5. Communication skills

  • Lifeguards must be able to communicate effectively in writing and verbally.
  • This skill is important for relating to members of the public and your colleagues.

#6. Organizational lifeguard skills

  • Carrying out your duties and responsibilities as a lifeguard requires a lot of organization.
  • Therefore, possessing good organizational skills is also relevant.
  • Having the ability to pay attention to detail is also advantageous.

#7. Interpersonal skills

  • It is also relevant that a lifeguard has interpersonal skills.
  • You will need to develop a good relationship with your colleagues and members of the public as well.
    Lifeguard work environment and hours
    Lifeguards often work outdoors; the swimming pools and beaches side usually require their services.
  • You may also be required to drive water vehicles such as boats and jet skis.


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