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What to Do After Resetting Comfast WiFi Extender?

There can be many instances that may put you in a situation wherein you may need to reset your Comfast WiFi range extender. Some examples are forgotten login password, or corrupted firmware. An extremely poor internet connection is yet another reason for resetting the Comfast WiFi extender. Whatever may the reason be, if you have reset your extender, the current configuration settings from it have been erased. Your extender is now running on the default factpry settings. The extender is as good as a new one now. Do you want to know what is the next step after you have reset your device? Keep reading further to learn about it.

Next Step After Comfast Extender Reset

As mentioned previously, the Comfast extender is now running on the factory values. It is just like you have brought a new extender at home (not literally though). You got to do the same process that you had done when you purchased it for the very first time. Yes! Exactly! You need to set it up with the home network again. We hope you know how to do that. If not, then read the next section wherein we have mentioned the setup process of the Comfast WiFi range extender in clear words. Read on.

How to Set Up Comfast WiFi Extender?

You can set up your extender with the existing home network by either using the WPS button method or using the web-based GUI method. It completely depends on you which method you prefer but for the WPS button, you need to check with your router. It should be WPA enabled. Now let us tell you about both processes deeply.

Comfast Extender Setup Using WPS Button

  1. Bring your Comfast WiFi extender near the host router and plug it here into an active wall socket. The router should also be powered up.

  2. Now, when the devices are completely booted up, look for the WPS button on your extender.

  3. Push it when you locate it.

  4. Push the WPS button on the router as well.

That’s it! The Comfast extender setup via the WPS button is completed successfully. In this process, you don’t have to use the login password. However, in the next method, you will need the login password.

Comfast Extender Setup Using Web-based GUI

If your router is not WPA enabled or you could not complete the setup process using the previous method for some reason, then put to use this method that we are going to discuss next. After you have reset your Comfast extender, the factory settings are restored. That means the login details that will work now will also be the default ones. So, if you had changed the login password earlier, do not use the changed password. Instead, make use of the default admin login password. If you have no idea what your default credentials are, then refer to the user manual. It has all the required information that you seek. The instructions for the setup process using the web-based GUI are given ahead:

  1. Connect the Comfast WiFi range extender to the power source and turn on the power supply. You need to wait till the lights are solid.

  2. Now, making use of an Ethernet cable, connect the extender to the router. Make sure that the connection that you are making is solid and nowhere near loose. Else, you might not be able to complete the setup process smoothly.

  3. After the devices are connected, turn on your PC and open any internet browser on it.

  4. Log in to the Comfast extender using the default admin credentials now.

  5. As soon as you are logged in, you wil be navigated to the Comfast extender setup page.

  6. Keep following the instructions that are being displayed on the screen to complete the Comfast extender setup process.

Wrap Up

This is what you are supposed to do after you have reset your Comfast WiFi extender to the factory values. Once you are done with setting up your extender, update the firmware of the Comfast extender to the most recent version to avoid any extender related issues. Comfast firmware update will also enhance the performance of your extender to a great extent.



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