What to do when the Brother printer is in an error state?

What to do when the Brother printer is in an error state?

Brother is a famous Japanese company and is best known for manufacturing printer devices. This company manufactures various models of printers depending on the requirements. For home, you can use the small-sized inkjet which provides good print quality and better speed. Brother also provides big-size printers for businesses. These printers have a simple interface and are easy to configure. But few users get issues when the Brother printer in error state. The printer gets in an error state when it can’t find the required file or faces issues in communication.

Common reasons behind Brother printer error state

  1. Printer communication error
  2. Some printer files are not working
  3. The user is sending an invalid print command
  4. The firewall is blocking connection request
  5. The printer connection is getting interrupted
  6. Brother printer services stop working

Malware is interrupting the printer connection

Troubleshooting Brother printer error state issues

Restart the Brother printer

The printer can get into an error state when its services stop working. When the user sends a new command like scanning immediately after the printing then services may stop working. To run those services, the user has to restart the printer. When the Brother printer is ON, remove the cable. Now when you reconnect the cable, the Brother printer will start automatically. All the printer services will start from the beginning and then you can take the printouts easily.

Run the printer troubleshooter

Many printer issues can be fixed by using the printer troubleshooter. This inbuilt tool of Windows inspects all the files on PC which can lead to printer issues. Many times, the printer stops printing and shows errors when the required files are not working. For fixing those files on PC, you can run the printer troubleshooter. Go to the connected PC and then search for Printer Troubleshooter. Run that utility tool on the computer and it will start checking for all printer-related files. If any file is causing an error; the tool will immediately repair it. After repairing, you will see the report wizard on the screen. If the files are repaired, retry to take the printout and check the error message.

Reset the Brother printer

Sometimes the Brother printer gets into an error state when the user mistakenly makes some invalid changes. To fix the printer error, the user has to undo those changes. Open the printer and check for the recent changes. Now start reverting the changes accordingly and check for the error. In case you can’t revert those changes then you can reset the printer. But reset the printer to factory settings only when you know the steps for printer configuration.

  1. Go to the menu button and press the initial setup option
  2. Choose the Reset option and tap on OK
  3. Now choose the Reset type and then hit on OK option

The printer will start resetting. The printer lamp will start blinking while resetting. After resetting the printer, start reconfiguring it with your PC. Now give a print command to your device and then check for the error code.

Disable your firewall

The firewall can also cause issues when the printer is connected to the network. Your printer sends a connection request to the network but the firewall blocks it. This occurs when the firewall suspects the printer connection as malicious. To fix this printer error, the user should disable the firewall on his system. After disabling the firewall, you can easily connect the printer to the network without any interruptions. Go to your connected system and then check for its inbuilt and personal firewall. Disable the firewall and resend the printer connection request. After the printer connection, take your printout and then enable the firewall. Instead of disabling the firewall, you can also add your printer device as an exception on the firewall.

Check the Brother printer driver

Your printer can get an error when it’s software/driver is not working. Without the correct driver, your printer can’t receive the commands. The user has to check the driver on the connected device. Open the PC and check for Brother software. Click on the software and tap on the Update button. After updating, check for the Brother printer error state. When the Brother driver is corrupted then you have to run the driver repair tool. You can get this driver from the web easily. Install and run the tool and it will repair all drivers on the device. But when the driver is not working after using the repairing tool then you should reinstall the setup. Remove the Brother software from the device and then install it. Also, install the correct setup for your Brother printer driver. After finding the correct driver, your Brother printer will start working and taking printouts.

Brother printer cartridge issues

The printer shows an error state when the cartridge is not working. Your printer can’t work if it can’t read the cartridges. If you are getting the error after installing the new cartridge then try reinstalling. Go to the printer and lift its scanner tray. Now eject the recently installed cartridge and check its pins. Ensure that you have removed its protective tape before installing. If the cartridge is damaged or empty, replace it. You can also refill the empty cartridges in the Brother printer. Reinsert the cartridge on the printer and then take your printouts.

Reset the print spooler

Your printer can show errors when its spooler is not working. You can fix the error by restarting the print spooler of the device.

  1. Go to PC and open its cmd screen
  2. Type net stop spooler
  3. Hit Enter button
  4. A cmd prompt will appear on the screen
  5. Type net start spooler
  6. Click on Enter button and then exit the cmd screen. Now restart your device and take your printouts.

Check the connection

Connection issues can appear if the cable is not working properly. Remove the cable from both of the devices and then check its ends. If the cable is faulty and then you have to replace it. For your network connection, you can restart the WPS pin. Now go to Brother printer and press the Wifi button. Search your network and choose the valid SSID. The printer will get connected to the network. Now connect the PC to the network and then search your Brother printer. Send the command and then you can take your printouts reliably. You can also ask the Brother printer team for help.

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