What Type of Lamination to Choose for Candle Rigid Boxes

What Type of Lamination to Choose for Candle Rigid Boxes

Packaging is the first thing customers see when they come into contact with your product. You want them to feel that they are worth their time and effort, but you don’t need bright colours or flashy fonts because people can get uncomfortable if they don’t do it right. Glossy laminates offer a bold finish, while matte laminations offer a softer, more subtle elegance depending on the type of user you’re trying to appeal to on candle rigid boxes. Both processes have their advantages and are an integral part of the effect. This determines how your product packaging will stand out in the market.

What is Lamination?

When laminating, your packaging is protected with a very thin plastic film to protect it and make it look more pleasing. This provides superior protection for each printing element – more so than varnish – and helps reduce wrinkles that may exist on thicker paper. It is also water-resistant, which helps keep moisture out of the box and extends its shelf life if it comes into contact with other elements such as UV rays and outdoor dust particles during shipping. Laminate offers greater protection than lacquer.

While laminate offers a premium look and feel, it does have some downsides. The main disadvantage of this design is that it is not 100% recyclable as the added layer covers all other layers (including paper) so it cannot be removed or recycled as easily as traditional candle rigid packaging boxes. There are many types of lamination, but the two most common styles are matte and glossy. Mattes are ideal when you want your packaging to look smoother, while the glossy ones make them shinier.

Gloss Lamination

Brand identity is something that needs to be communicated through every consumer touchpoint, from packaging to customer experience. Your candle rigid packaging design can significantly influence consumers’ perception and relationship with your brand. Gloss lamination is a visually appealing dynamic way to add value to a product. Glossy lamination creates richer colours than matt and enhances the clear lines of high-performance products with a strong visual impact.

The Aspects of Gloss Lamination

Glossy laminates have a wear-resistant coating that resists dirt and dust. If it is exposed to surface dirt, it can be easily cleaned to protect your product optimally. The gloss creates a premium feel in brightly lit retail environments, but wrinkles, scratches, or dents can be more visible than glossy surfaces, as well as a UV coating on certain parts of the print, resulting in a brighter colour that masks any finesse in your strike laminate packaging design.

Matte Lamination

Custom magnetic closure rigid box design is more than just a product display. It’s about how you communicate with your customers on an emotional level and how you can build or break a brand. Today, people are using matte finishes to create high-end products that stand out from other ordinary items that consumers can overlook when browsing their local stores. While this type of packaging can easily be fingerprinted, it is designed to last a long time so you don’t have to worry.

The Aspects of Matte Lamination

A matte lamination is a great option for an overall softer look. Especially with darker tones, a less reflective layer reduces contrast and creates tones with muted colours. This creates a sense of sophistication as well as stands out from the competition for consumers with different tastes who may be looking for something new. With the rapid growth of in-store shopping, many brands are turning to matte lamination printing for their packaging. Matte black is an ideal canvas for using printing techniques such as embossing and metal foil to make the product more attractive on the shelf and easy to disassemble at its destination.

Why Choose Matte Lamination for Custom Boxes?

We recommend choosing a matte lamination if it will be exposed to direct light. This effectively prevents strong glare when looking at the candle rigid packaging box up close and emphasizes the colours in your packaging. This makes it easy for passersby or shelves near you to find what they’re looking for without looking back. The retail version of your design is made of a durable matte laminate that can withstand frequent handling (and even stirring).

A matte finish maintains clean lines and an elegant look, as opposed to a glossy finish, which tends to fade over time due to damage such as scratches or scuffs resulting from improper handling during shipping and handling immediately before purchase – something we don’t all have. want to be exposed.

Wrapping Up

There are a variety of styles and textures to choose from when it comes to laminates. You’ll see the difference right away, but you need to know how the customer feels before making a final decision. While surfing the web, let an experienced branding specialist show you templates or prototypes in different designs so you can compare each opportunity head-on without risk.

Candle rigid boxes can make your product stand out and help you convey an important message to consumers. You control the tone, taste and appearance of your packaging with innovative solutions that give your products what they need to succeed on shelves around the world.


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