Why Do You Need a Cheap Dedicated Server for Your Website in Germany?

Like many other website owners out there, you had also started your website hosting journey with shared hosting. 

And why not?

After all, it is the cheapest web hosting option and budget is very important for any business owner. But once your website grows it requires a better server for high performance and stability. And for a hosting upgrade dedicated server can be a very good option in Germany. 

However, there is another hosting option available as well, VPS hosting. But as I said, if you have a business that requires a large number of resources then you have to acquire a dedicated server.

The reason to buy a cheap dedicated server in Germany is that it can help in dealing with immediate traffic and removing security threats. Further, it gives you full control over the server and you can easily manage your dedicated server without any hassle.

In this guide, I’ll explain what a dedicated server is and when is the right time to buy one for your German Website or business.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work in Germany?

Dedicated Server hosting means that your Website has a personal server for itself in Germany. All server resources and features are solely dedicated to your website only. It provides the highest flexibility and stability, and that is why it comes at a very premium cost.

That is it is very important to do proper research before you buy a Dedicated Server in Germany for your website. 

The benefits of dedicated hosting-

  • Personal resources
  • Dedicated IP
  • Highest security
  • Customizations options available
  • Easily manageable

Difference Between Dedicated Server and other Hosting Services in Germany

As I have told you earlier, there are so many options to host a website in Germany. And Shared, VPS, and Dedicated server hosting are the three most commonly used hosting services. 

Comparison of shared hosting and dedicated hosting-

In shared hosting, a website is hosted on a single server with thousands of other websites. All website shares the same space and resources of the primary server. And if anything happens to any website your website will be affected by that. But with dedicated hosting, you don’t have to worry about any other website, because the complete server is yours and only your website can be hosted on that server.

Comparison of VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers in Germany

A VPS server is a virtual server and it is created by web hosting providers by using a hypervisor. In this hosting users gets a virtual server to host their website. Same as a dedicated server will give you full control over the server and you can customize your VPS according to your comfort. The difference between dedicated Servers and VPS hosting is that there are multiple virtual servers created on a primary server if by any chance a VPS lacked in security the complete server and all other VPS servers can be affected by that.

However, VPS is still a better option than a shared hosting server but a dedicated server is the best option to host a website in Germany.

Why do You need a Cheap Dedicated Server in Germany?

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive web hosting and before you spend that much money on hosting you must know whether it is worth buying a cheap dedicated server or not.

  • Your website is grown and not able to handle increased traffic

If you are seeing fast growth in your website then you should upgrade your current hosting to a Germany dedicated server. Using a shared hosting plan with fluctuating or high traffic will cause your website to perform poorly and you may lose revenue. It is important to style your website before it loses its performance because of high visors traffic.

  • To Ger Higher Security

Security is the key aspect for any website owner and if your website contains some sensitive information then it becomes a more crucial thing. It is very important to keep your website data safe from cyber attacks, viruses, and other types of security risks.

When you buy a dedicated server in Germany you will get complete control over your server and you can install any unused software or can install additional Security software to prevent any security breach in your server.


Although it is a very time-consuming task, you might need more time to manage your server. So many hosts like Serverwala offer managed or semi-managed dedicated servers in Germany. So you don’t have to do much in your server, your hot will take care of all server-related tasks.

  • You want Your website to Load Fast

You know that google and many other search engines give preference to a website that loads fast. Moreover, users will not wait for any website to get completely loaded. They will simply switch to another website that loads quickly. With dedicated hosting Germany, your website can use all resources of the primary server and it will load fast and perform at its peak. 

  • You Want More Control Over Your Server

The final reason you may want to choose a dedicated server in Germany over other hosting options is you might want more control over your server. 

We already told you in the previous Paragraph that having control over your server can help you with many things such as customization, security add-ons, and many more.

How to get The Best Dedicated Server in Germany?

When you do research on the best dedicated server provider in Germany you will find many companies that offer many dedicated server plans with different configurations and pricing. Therefore, it becomes will difficult taks to find a reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider that can offer the best hosting plan that suits your business needs.

However, we have done a lot of research and found out that Serverwala cloud and data center is a company that offers one of the best and most powerful Dedicated server plans and packages in Germany at a very low cost. 

They offer plenty of features with their dedicated servers and some of them are-

  • 99.90% server uptime guarantee
  • Control panel
  • Operating system choice
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 customer support


Having a Dedicated server for your website in Germany can provide benefits in many ways to your business. It is secure, fast, and the most reliable web hosting service in the world. And when you purchase a cheap dedicated server Germany from Serverwala you will get several additional benefits as well.

Serverwala has very good reviews on many platforms and that is why they become one of the most trustworthy Web Server providers.

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