Why is Fireproofing Important?

Why is Fireproofing Important?

Passive Firefox Protection or say fireproofing, is a term that is used for the process where the fire resistance of structures and materials is increased. Fireproofing does not mean that fire would never affect the fireproofed items and they cannot be burned down into ashes, but what it means is that fireproofed items get protection from fire for a certain period and this period depends on the material of the fireproofing and the test and evaluations that have been conducted.

Types of Fireproofing 

We have two disciplines in which fireproofing can be divided, and they are

  1. Active Fire Protection 
  2. Passive Fire Protection 

What is the purpose of Fireproofing?

The main purpose of fireproofing is to protect structural steel that has valuable equipment and cannot be put at risk. As steel loses 50% of its strength when it reaches a temperature of 535 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the objective is to not let the steel reach this high temperature for a certain period. And this objective is attained by the process called fireproofing. In fireproofing, we can exceed time between 15 minutes to 240 minutes depending on the quality of material we use.

What is the Importance of Fire Protection?

We know that fire is a life-threatening calamity and when circumstances get in favor then it may turn out to give catastrophic damages. So to avoid such situations fireproofing becomes a necessary step. 

Fireproofing provides a system of layers to protect the system from heating up and losing strength and then exploding. In a fire protection system, we have a variety of components that work in favor when the fire is about to harm everything. It includes-

Fire Alarm System 

If you wish to minimize the risk that fire will cause to your space and want to know about the calamity in advance then in that case the installation of a fire alarm system becomes an important measure. A fire alarm is a system that works on the detection of smoke and heat, and then the sirens, bells, strobe lights, etc, alert you about the fire, and this enables you to evacuate the place well in time. 

Fire Sprinklers 

Fire sprinklers without any doubt play the most important roles when the fire spreads around. It saves the lives of those who are inside the building.

The fire sprinklers slowly slow down the level of fire by sprinkling the water droplets, and it gives the people time to evacuate the place safely. Also, fire leads to the production of toxic fumes that can suffocate a person. Therefore, sprinklers also help to reduce these toxic fumes and increase the survival rate in that area by providing access to oxygen in that particular area.

Not limited to this but when the fire sprinklers are paired with fireproof systems then in that case you can reduce the property damage, injuries, and save 50% more lives.

Fire Extinguisher 

To protect yourself from fire, a fire extinguisher system is necessary. If any day the building crashes you must be ready to go on with a fire extinguisher system. A well-defined system to protect from the fire that prevents you from major damage. The fire extinguishers are usually red cans that are hanging on the wall, and if you didn’t know they serve a great purpose.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), also says that fire extinguishers can save up to 80% of the incidents caused by an uncertain fire.

Fire puts people’s lives at stake, and fireproofing is one means to save mankind. Fireproofing gives an acceptable time to get out, provides time for the firemen to get in, and also maintains structural stability.


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