Why My Nighthawk App Stopped Working After Firmware Update?

I just updated my Netgear router’s firmware to the latest version. After the update was done, the Nighthawk app stopped working. What to do?” Sounds familiar to you? This is a common situation. Many Netgear router users have already reported similar issues in the past. So, first thing, you do not have to worry, as you are not alone. Second thing, it is very much possible to fix this issue on your own. Want to know how? Keep reading further to find the solution to your issue.

Fixing Nighthawk App Not Working After Firmware Update

We have discussed the topmost troubleshooting hacks below that worked well in the past to fix a similar issue. You might not need to perform all of these. Maybe just by implementing one or two hacks, the issue will get fixed. All we are saying is that you need to patiently execute one hack at a time and see if the app starts working fine or not.

Note: Before you begin the troubleshooting process, check the connection between the router and the modem. It should be stable. Also, check the power supply to the router. It should not be shaky.

Without any further delay let us begin to get rid of the issue that you are currently experiencing with your Nighthawk app.

Update Nighthawk App

Right now you have updated your Netgear router. Perhaps your Nighthawk app needs an update too. So, give it what it needs. Unlock your smartphone on which you have installed the app and check in the Play Store or the App Store if any update is pending to be done. If you find it, then get the Nighthawk app update right away without thinking much about it. When the app gets updated to the most recent version, try launching it. It should be working fine now. If it doesn’t, by any chance, then try the next hack in the line.

Reinstall App

An update did not work? Looks like there is some other issue with the app. Try removing extra apps running in the background on your phone. If this also could not get the Nighthawk app up and running, then uninstall the app now. Simply long press on the app icon and uninstall it. After some time, reinstall it on your phone. Try opening it when it gets installed again. Did it work?

Reboot Router

Looks like the problem is with the Netgear router and not the app. Temporary glitches are the most common reason that leads to issues with the Nighthawk app. You don’t have to worry about them. These technical glitches though sound like a big word, but they are easily fixable. How? By rebooting the Netgear router. Want to know how to reboot the router? Read the instructions below:

  • Disconnect the Netgear Nighthawk router from the modem.

  • Turn off the power button on the router now.

  • Remove the power cable from the wall socket.

  • Let the router be like this for some time.

  • Plug the power cable back into the wall socket.

  • Turn on the power button.

  • Establish the connection between the router and the modem.

Try accessing the Nighthawk app on your smartphone now. If it works fine then you can rest your troubleshooting process here. Else there is one final hack that you need to put to use now.

Reset Router

Now that none of the above-given troubleshooting hacks have been able to help you fix the Nightawk app non-workability issue, you need to reset your router to the factory settings. But before this, you need to check if you are able to access the Netgear router login page using the web-based GUI or not. If you fail in doing that too, then try this hack.

Perhaps there is something major with the router that is stopping you from using the Nighthawk app and using web-based GUI. So, use the Reset button to reset your device to the default settings and again set it up from scratch.

In a Nutshell

Once you have set up your Netgear Nighthawk router after resetting it, we are sure that you will be able to access the Nighthawk app as well as the Nighthawk router login page using the web-based GUI.

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