Wordmark Logo Design: The Sought-After Logo In Branding

Wordmark Logo Design: The Sought-After Logo In Branding

It’s logical that most, if not all, companies seek a logo. A logo design for your company is an excellent method to visually distinguish your brand. However, rather than a logo with a visual symbol, many firms might be better off investing in a basic text-only or wordmark logo design.

Wordmark logo Vs. graphic or symbol logo design

You may not have realized it, however, some organizations have logos that include a symbol, while others just have a unique manner of printing their company name.

Many businesses have logos that feature a symbol, while others just have a specific way of expressing their company name, which you may not be aware of.

The advantages of a type-only logo

The use of wordmark logo design helps to strengthen your business name. One of the most critical components in the success of a new company, or any firm with limited marketing funds, is getting prospects to identify and retain your name. Although a well-designed logo might help to establish a brand name (such as Target or Domino’s), you’re more likely to be creating a new symbol. It takes more work to get consumers to identify the graphic with your business.  

Many businesses wind up with logo designs that aren’t visually appealing. It’s difficult to come up with a well-designed, distinctive graphic symbol that effectively portrays your business image. We’ve all seen far too many badly designed logos—logos that are unprofessional in appearance or where the design concept is unclear. It might be tough to find a designer that can produce a compelling logo, particularly if you have a limited budget.

It is a good option to pick a professional custom logo design company where you can meet with professional logo designers. As they have a big portfolio and clients’ reviews, you will get inspired and trust in us.

Simplify is the trademark of a well-designed logo: a visual that distills your brand essence into a single, identifiable symbol. It’s far easier to concentrate just on your typography and colors rather than trying to turn your complete brand into a symbol.

Wordmark logo designs are more cost-effective. Given the difficulty of producing a great graphic or icon logo, it’s easy to see why unskilled, low-cost designers rarely succeed. Employing a full-service branding company, on the other hand, is probably out of your price range.

A wordmark logo may be made rapidly at a reduced cost and with a smaller danger of generating a visual nightmare.

Who can benefit from a type-only logo?

There are a few prevalent motifs among firms that have wordmark logo designs. These logos are incredibly effective in the following situations:

  • Businesses that offer a diverse range of products or services.
  • Businesses that provide professional services. Because it’s difficult to picture what lawyers, CPAs, and business consultants are offering, they frequently use type-only logos.
  • Businesses that are based on software and other forms of technology. Visualizing software or technology operations is tough. They’re almost undetectable. As a result, Google, HP, and other companies just use their names or initials.
  • Businesses whose products and services will evolve. If you work in a fast-paced industry, you generally don’t want to make an icon based on what you do or sell right now because it will quickly become obsolete. For example, if Apple had opted to include their first computer in their emblem, it would have rapidly been outdated.

When you check this list, you’ll see that it includes a lot of new firms and startups. Even if you don’t run a software or service company, it’s very probable that what you sell will change (rather rapidly) over time. We live in fast-changing periods, which implies that who you sell to, how you sell, and how you advertise your business will all change in ways that are impossible to envision right now.

Is a logo design truly necessary?

New business owners, in my experience, are ecstatic to have their logo developed. Establishing a company comes with a slew of hurdles, including tedious meetings with attorneys, accountants, and bankers. Having your logo design is a lot of fun! But don’t let it deter you from evaluating whether or not a logo symbol will actually assist your company.

When the logo design is a key component of the visual brand or marketing plan, having a symbol made for it may be a suitable solution. A memorable shorthand for a long corporate name may also be a visual emblem.

Note that a visual symbol may always be added to a wordmark later. Once you’ve nailed down your company strategy, product offers, and ideal clients, you can add an icon to your visual design.

Characteristics of an outstanding wordmark logo

A well-designed typographic logo has four components:

Selecting the Correct Font

Typesetting that is distinct

Putting the pieces together

Selecting the Correct Color

The Finest Font

It takes more than putting your company name into Microsoft Word to create a distinctive and well-designed type-only logo. You’ll want to pick a typeface that accurately reflects your company’s image. Do you have a lot of energy or do you like to be calm? Are you more of a traditionalist or a modernist?

You might wish to use more than one typeface, particularly if your company name is long (see the Five Guys logo). This will make the final product more distinctive.

The Typeface is Being Configured

A skilled designer does more than choose a typeface and size when creating a logotype. They pay close attention to the gaps between letters (kerning and tracking) to ensure that the logo is accessible and looks professional.

Changing the capitalization of a wordmark logo design may help make it more recognizable (all caps, small caps, all lowercase, etc). Various font styles may be used in different portions of the logo.

The Alignment Of Components Is Necessary

It’s straightforward if you have a one-word business name. However, if your company name is lengthier (particularly if it contains numerous words), it may be too large if typeset on one line. As a result, you’ll stack the various terms. The design process will be affected by whether they are centered, justified, or left-aligned.

Finding The Proper Color Is Massively Important

Color is a crucial component in developing a visual style for your company. Colors may elicit emotional responses and strengthen your brand’s image. Whether you pick one color or a combination of colors, determine the exact hues and employ them consistently.

Make The Appropriate Graphics Logo Design

Once you’ve completed all of this, save the design as a fixed graphic file.

You don’t like to have to type your logo every time. It should be a static image, such as a jpeg, gif, or eps file. You may use your eps file on your business card or submit the jpg file as a social media profile image. Your logo will appear the same every time you use it if you utilize these graphic files.

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