WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal: Which CMS is best for Your Business?

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal: Which CMS is best for Your Business?

The web development companies in Lahore, Pakistan use three popular CMS to build and run the website. But the point is which CMS is suitable and should be chosen. It is a very important decision because if you select the wrong one it will create a big mess.

For example: if you select the too simple or too complex. You will be stuck and can’t move to the other CMS of the website.

Before the make the decision which CMS is better or best, firstly we know that what is a CMS (content management system)?


Content Management System (CMS):

Content management system is a computer software that helps the users to create, edit and manage the digital content. In short, the software that modifies and creates the web appearance. A few years ago, many business companies hired an expert web designing company in Lahore.

  • Their services cost is too high and take too much time to build and modify the web design.
  • Web designers build the single static pages of the web design and then merge them together to create a website.
  • Each page has their own links, functions, codes and images.
  • Actually, that was the problem. If the business owner wants to change the logo and another function. The web designer reviewed all those pages and changed it.
  • There is no center point of managing things in the website design. But the Content management system solved this problem and the website is divided into three parts:


  • In a content management system images, videos, text and other files that are related to content are stored individually from the website layout and code.
  • Within one click, you easily add all kinds of content to as many pages according to your wish but without changing the core code of the website. It is as simple as you can say the drop and drag.


  • In the Content management system, you get the theme you want and easily you can apply/change the look of the web design.
  • These changes occur without any change in content and code of the website. This command is similar to how you change the desktop wallpaper.


  • The core code of the website is stored in the Content Management System (CMS) which helps the website to run its function independently.
  • It also helps you to easily add the different security patches along with functional changes in your website without touching any content and layout. It is a simple updating of the button on your website page.


Common Features:

Following are the common features in WordPress, Drupal and joomla:

  • All three CMS are free and open source software,
  • These CMS are written in PHP.
  • All these are community driven projects.
  • They all support MySQL as their database system. WordPress only uses the SQL system while durple and joomla also use other databases as well.
  • All these tools used different themes, designs and templates for the visual appearance of their website.

Different Features:

All three of them have different policies like:

  • About their core software’s
  • How to handle Their modules and Their Templates
  • How to deal with their security patches.


Which one is best? WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

It is not an easy decision which one is the best between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Because all of them have a wider audience. All of them have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss the CMS software along with their pros and cons.



  • WordPress is also known as the content management software for People.
  • In a recent interview the creator of WordPress confirmed that 19% of the web is running on WordPress.
  • There are more than 140 billion WordPress downloads.
  • More than 48 million pages were reviewed on WordPress on a monthly basis.
  • WordPress was launched in 2003.
  • It is innovative, simple and crucial.
  • The best and easy platform for blogging.
  • But later on, there are many things also developed in it like modifiers, themes and plugins.


Prons Cons
●       WordPress is user friendly and easy to use ●       The most common issue in WordPress is low speed.
●                   You Easily update the next version ●       Not functional in an out of the box scenario.
●       The WordPress dashboard is easy to understand.


●       Extremely dependent on plugins


●                   There is no learning curve. ●       Keeps everything tightly integrated
●       WordPress has robust community support. ●       WordPress website is vulnerable


WordPress is suitable:

  • For small and medium businesses because most businessmen need simple websites.
  • News sites and blogging sites.
  • For those who want some scalability and additional changes in their websites.
  • In serious publications where different authors’ content is needed.


WordPress also hosts high profile websites:

  • CNN
  • Tech crunch
  • University of Washington.



  • Most of the web development companies in Lahore believed that Drupal is the most powerful tool for designing websites.
  • Drupal is Web designer’s friendly content management system.
  • This CMS needs a lot of expertise and experience.
  • But most of the web developers work on this CMS because it gives power to the designer.
  • Dries Buytaert also launched in 2001 in the IT industry.
  • Approximately, fifteen million downloads have been done already.
  • The developers who work on this software have great understanding in different computer languages like CSS, HTML and PHP.

Most of the famous websites are developed in Drupal:

  • Warmers bros recordings
  • White house
  • Ubuntu
  • Universal Music.


Benefits and drawbacks:

Following are the drawbacks and benefits of Drupal:


Benefits Drawbacks
●       There are thousands of modules available ●       It is a complex CMS to handle.
●       Does Not need any specialized capacity of coding ●       Most of the modules are outdated
●       Neat codes and exceptionally potential modules. ●       It takes a long time to build websites with proper functions
●       Both basic and advance features are available ●       Required proper detailed knowledge of the front end framework.
●       Ready-made professional themes ●       Steep learning curve


Drupal is suitable for:

  • This Content management system is needed at a large scale.
  • CMS required at enterprise level.
  • It is also needed where user interference of the websites is not more important than scalability and stability.
  • It is required on a community platform where a lot of people can assess and do many actions at the same time.


  • Joomla is one of the best and free CMS Content management systems.
  • It is also an open source CMS for publishing web content on websites.
  • For this CMS, just basic and technical knowledge and understanding is required.
  • It is best for the social networking sites and for Ecommerce websites
  • This CMS also works for community platforms with the addition of the social networking feature.
  • Most of the web designing companies in Lahore considered that joomla is neither too simple like WordPress nor too complex like Drupal. This CMS lies between/ in the middle of both CMS.
  • It also helps you to track your content easily.
  • It allows the web developers to design a website with more content and with more structured flexibility.
  • It is the one CMS which has both other CMS features like power and flexible features of Drupal, intuitive and user-friendly features of WordPress.
  • It takes the middle place in the competitive market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joomla:

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Joomla.


Advantages Disadvantages
●       Not too Technical ●       Has significant learning curve
●       Easy to use ●       Customization is limited.
●       Easily transfer to any server ●       It is not effective for simple and small web design.
●       Can use for Multiple purposes: Government and application software ●       No proper official storage of themes
●       Thousands of templates and themes are available ●       Plugins are essential for certain scripts.
●       Open source and cost free. ●       It is not a good choice for blogging sites.


Following are the official websites developed by Joomla:

  • NASA
  • Harvard University
  • The HILL
  • MTV Greece.


Joomla is suited to:

  • For small and Medium Ecommerce Stores.
  • Websites that are user friendly and flexible with content/structure.


 Usage of CMS:

According to the latest reports:

  • 35% Used WordPress for designing the website.
  • More than 2.8% developers used Joomla
  • Less than 2% used Drupal because of its complexity feature.


  • Most of the local web designing companies in Lahore suggest that WordPress is the tool to help develop the website. Because it is easy to use and has no complex features at all.
  • But the experienced web designing Companies in Lahore prefer Joomla. Because the companies used the website to sell their products and services not only used for the face of the companies in the competitive market.
  • The web developers do not work on Drupal either, it is also a very powerful tool but for that they need the high end knowledge.

successful. Happy marketing!
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