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Why Is Seven Sirius Benjamin So Popular?

Seven Sirius Benjamin, also known as Little Simz, is a young British rapper and actress who has taken the music industry by storm. Her rise to fame may have been quick, but her impact on the scene has been nothing short of remarkable. With her unique style and captivating lyrics, Seven Sirius Benjamin has captured the hearts of millions around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore why she’s so popular and what makes her stand out from other artists in today’s music landscape. Get ready to be blown away by this rising star!

Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Seven Sirius Benjamin, whose real name is Simbiatu Ajikawo, was born in Islington, London in 1994. She began writing raps at the young age of nine and started recording when she was only sixteen years old. Her stage name “Little Simz” came from her childhood nickname “Simba,” which means lion in Swahili.

As a child of Nigerian descent growing up in North London, Seven Sirius Benjamin had to navigate through various challenges and obstacles to pursue her passion for music. She credits her parents’ support as one of the main reasons why she’s been able to succeed.

Despite being relatively new to the mainstream music industry, Little Simz has already made a significant impact with her unique sound that blends elements of rap and grime with soulful melodies. Her lyrics are often introspective and touch on themes such as self-discovery, mental health, and societal issues.

In addition to music, Seven Sirius Benjamin has also ventured into acting; she starred in Netflix’s hit series Top Boy alongside rapper Drake. Despite juggling both careers simultaneously, Little Simz remains focused on making meaningful art that resonates with people all over the world.

His Rise to Fame

Seven Sirius Benjamin, also known as Little Simz, is a British rapper who rose to fame in the early 2010s. His journey towards stardom was not an easy one and involved years of hard work, dedication, and persistence.

Born in London in 1994, Seven grew up with a passion for music. At the age of nine, he began writing his own songs and rapping alongside other kids from his neighborhood. Despite his young age, Seven showed great promise as a musician and was determined to pursue it further.

In 2010, Seven released his first mixtape titled “Stratosphere Volume 1,” which received positive reviews from critics and helped him gain recognition within the UK rap scene. He then went on to release several more mixtapes over the next few years before releasing his debut album “A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons” in 2015.

The album was critically acclaimed and helped solidify Seven’s position as one of the most promising new talents in UK rap music. Since then, he has gone on to release three more albums that have all been met with critical acclaim.

Today, Seven Sirius Benjamin is regarded as one of the most talented rappers in the game right now thanks to his unique style that blends elements of jazz with hip hop beats. His rise to fame serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians everywhere who are looking to make their mark on the industry through sheer talent and perseverance.

His Music

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s music is a unique blend of different genres, reflecting his diverse musical influences. He is known for combining elements of hip-hop, R&B, soul and funk in his songs to create a sound that is both nostalgic and modern.

One thing that sets Seven Sirius Benjamin apart from other artists is his ability to tell stories through his music. His lyrics are often deeply personal and reflective, giving listeners an insight into his life experiences.

In addition to his storytelling skills, Seven Sirius Benjamin also has an incredible singing voice. He effortlessly switches between rapping and singing in many of his songs – showcasing the breadth of his musical talents.

Many fans appreciate how authentic Seven Sirius Benjamin’s music feels; it doesn’t conform to any mainstream expectations or trends but instead stays true to who he is as an artist. This has helped him build a loyal fan base who appreciate the honesty and rawness present in every track he produces.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s music stands out because it embodies the essence of what good music should be: honest expression delivered with passion and skill.

His Impact

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s impact goes beyond his music. He is a visionary artist who has been able to inspire and connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. His creativity extends into fashion, art, and social activism.

One of the ways in which he has made an impact is by challenging stereotypes around gender identity and expression through his fashion choices. By freely expressing himself through clothing, Seven encourages others to do the same without fear of judgment or ridicule.

In addition to this, Seven uses his platform to raise awareness about important social issues such as mental health and police brutality. Through his lyrics, he gives voice to those who are often marginalized in society and advocates for more inclusivity.

Seven’s ability to create a sense of community among his fans is impressive. He regularly interacts with them on social media platforms like Instagram Live sessions where he answers their questions or just hangs out with them- bridging the gap between celebrity status and ordinary people.

It’s evident that Seven Sirius Benjamin has made a significant impact both within the music industry as well as in broader society.

Why He’s So Popular

Seven Sirius Benjamin, also known as Little Simz, has become a household name in the music industry. While many artists struggle to make it big despite years of hard work and dedication, Seven’s rise to fame was relatively quick. But what makes him so popular?

Firstly, Seven’s music is undeniably unique and refreshing. He blends different genres like hip-hop, funk, jazz and soul to create his signature sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Moreover, he doesn’t shy away from discussing important social issues such as race and identity politics in his lyrics. This authenticity has earned him respect from both fans and critics alike.

Another reason for his popularity is undoubtedly due to his live performances. He exudes energy on stage which captivates audiences worldwide during concerts or festivals.

Seven’s use of social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram plays a significant role in building up his fan base. By regularly posting updates about new projects or behind-the-scenes looks into his life outside of music-making process keeps fans engaged with him.


Seven Sirius Benjamin has been able to capture the attention of music lovers all around the world with his unique style and sound. From his humble beginnings in Atlanta, he has risen to become one of the most popular artists in the industry today.

His talent and creativity are evident in every song he releases, and it’s clear that he puts a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft. His impact on the music industry cannot be overstated, as he continues to inspire countless aspiring musicians to follow their dreams.

So why is Seven Sirius Benjamin so popular? It’s because he brings something fresh and new to the table – a unique blend of different genres that creates a sound that is uniquely his own. He also manages to connect with fans on a personal level, which is rare for many artists these days.

Seven Sirius Benjamin is an artist who has managed to make a name for himself through hard work, dedication, and sheer talent. As he continues on his musical journey, we can only imagine what groundbreaking sounds will come from this young artist in years to come.

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